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The Avigilon H4 Multisensor camera line combines Avigilon self-learning video analytics with exceptional coverage, featuring 3 or 4 individually configurable camera sensors that can be positioned to monitor virtually any area. With up to 32 MP effective resolution, the Avigilon H4 Multisensor can provide the image quality needed to cover larger areas with excellent detail. Combining support for H.265 video compression along with Avigilon’s HDSM SmartCodec™ technology, the Avigilon H4 Multisensor camera has the ability to maintain high-image quality with less bandwidth and storage requirements.

With self-learning video analytics on board, the Avigilon H4 Multisensor camera can detect and differentiate people and vehicles from regular motion, and notify operators of potentially critical events that may need further investigation. Featuring wide dynamic range, Avigilon LightCatcher™ technology and the option to add content adaptive IR to outdoor models, the Avigilon H4 Multisensor camera can provide exceptional image quality in challenging lighting conditions.

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Avigilon Security System

Avigilons video, cloud and access control solutions seamlessly integrate across your entire video security system to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action.

Powered by advanced AI and video analytics Avigilon keep their technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.


  • 360° VIEW – 360-degree views offer a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution providing broad coverage with fewer cameras
  • ADAPTIVE IR – Automatically adjusts IR beam width and exposure settings based on scene conditions to help maximize image quality
  • AUDIO CAPABILITIES – Available ports for external audio including sirens, microphones and/or loudspeakers for audio talk-down situations
  • AVIGILON APPEARANCE SEARCH™ SUPPORT – Enables our sophisticated deep learning AI search engine that enables you to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site
  • EXPANDABLE STORAGE – Slot for either SD or MicroSD memory prevents loss of recorded video during network or server interruptions
  • HIGH DEFINITION STREAM MANAGEMENT (HDSM)™ TECHNOLOGY – Provides maximum image detail while minimizing bandwidth usage, helping to keep internet connectivity costs down
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY VIDEO CODING – Combines HEVC/H.265 video compression with HDSM SmartCodec™ technology to substantially reduce storage and bandwidth requirements while maintaining exceptional image quality
  • INTEGRATED IR ILLUMINATORS* – Integrated IR LEDs provide uniform illumination, even in complete darkness
    * IR models are optional
  • LIGHTCATCHER™ TECHNOLOGY – Offers exceptional detail in areas with low lighting
  • MODULAR DESIGN – Simple and intuitive to install so that you can be up and running in minutes
  • MULTIPLE LENS OPTIONS – Choose from various lens types, including long zoom, for flexible coverage options
  • ONVIF® COMPLIANT – Built on an open platform to allow integration with other security solutions
  • RELAY I/O CONNECTIONS – Configure input/output actions and alarms for fast event response
  • SELF-LEARNING VIDEO ANALYTICS – Recognize threats without predefined rules to help you detect, verify and act faster
  • WEATHER & IMPACT RATED – IP66/7 weather rating and IK10 impact rating for vandal resistance
  • WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE – Captures details in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas

H4 Multisensor Camera Video

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