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The Avigilon HALO Smart Sensor (HALO), by IPVideo Corporation, is a real-time vape detector and security device that helps to detect potentially critical events in privacy concern areas that involve environmental changes, air quality changes (by particulate matter). Helping to address the youth vaping epidemic, this smart sensor is able to detect vaping, smoking, chemicals, and more, that can indicate bullying and fighting. Utilizing the latest in smart technology, Avigilon’s HALO Smart Sensor has been designed with privacy in mind, as it adds a layer of security in places that are not covered by video security. This enables security operators and administrators to monitor areas where cameras are not allowed, such as bathrooms and private hotel rooms, helping to create a safer and cleaner environment.

Integrating HALO’s capabilities with Motorola Solutions’ AI-powered video management software, Avigilon Control Center (ACC), it helps customers be alerted to incidents that may have otherwise gone completely unnoticed. Once a threat is detected, an alert is sent directly to ACC, making it possible to protect people and spaces, even where video security solutions are not permitted.

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Avigilon Security System

Avigilons video, cloud and access control solutions seamlessly integrate across your entire video security system to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action.

Powered by advanced AI and video analytics Avigilon keep their technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.



A single HALO sensor can help with Vape and THC Detection, Air Quality Monitoring, Aggression Detection and Calls for Help, Gunshot Detection, Spread of Infectious Diseases Prevention, Chemical and Gas Detection, Vandalism and Trespassing Alerts.


Integrates into a broader security infrastructure and provides data analytics to monitor violation alarm rates.


Lightweight, with two mounting options and a small frame make setup and installation a breeze.


Receive real-time alerts when the sensor detects an anomaly. Once alerted, operators and administrators can immediately respond to the incident, identify an individual, and take action accordingly.


Prevent damage and associated cleaning costs that are caused by smoke particles and poor air quality.


With its small footprint, the HALO device is a non-intrusive security device that does not take away from a room’s ambiance. A single HALO device can provide coverage for a 12×12 room.

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