Entel E-PoC Android Dispatcher (Software Only)

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This powerful, multifunction Entel E-PoC Android Dispatcher enables you to communicate with, locate, manage and ensure the safety of your mobile workforce from the convenience of a desktop IP video phone.

  • Instantaneous group and one-to-one calls
  • Priority calling (call interrupt)
  • Supports emergency features
  • Mapping with GPS location
  • Call history and recording
  • Instantaneous messaging
  • Practically unlimited range and simultaneous calls
  • No expensive license fees or infrastructure




Practically Unlimited Range
Enables you to make instantaneous PTT calls over Cellular & Wi-Fi networks to other E-PoC terminals including DN495 radios, Smartphones and PC Dispatchers.

No Channel Limitations
Entel’s E-PoC network enables your workforce to make a practically unlimited number of simultaneous Push-To-Talk Group or Individual calls. It can monitor two or more channels at once.

No License, No Interference!
There’s no need for a radio license and best of all you won’t suffer channel interference from other radio users.

Presence Check
Your IP video phone will indicate which users are online.

Emergency Features
Entel’s E-PoC Android Dispatcher receives emergency Lone Worker and Man Down alarms from DN400 radios and indicates the radios GPS location on its built in map.

Entel’s E-PoC Android Dispatcher costs less than a desk top fixed mobile radio yet offers so much more.

Cross Platform Communications
Entel’s E-PoC Android Dispatcher forms part of a solution that can unify your mobile communications. Other products in the range include a PC Dispatcher App, DN400 radios, Smartphone App and Gateway (allowing connection with existing radio systems), everyone can talk together at the press of a button.

Lowest Call Latency
Entel’s radios, apps, servers and SIMs have all been optimised to deliver call latency times equivalent to DMR.

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