Entel E-PoC Gateway 3.0

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Connecting E-PoC to existing radio systems

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The all-in-one, easy-to-install and low-cost Entel E-PoC Gateway 3.0 allows customers to significantly extend the range, reliability and clarity of, or migrate from, existing radio systems.

The Entel E-PoC Gateway 3.0 links Entel’s E-PoC to existing radio systems to extend and enhance their capabilities. This enables existing two-way radios, Entel’s DN400 Series radios, Entel’s E-PoC Smartphone/tablet App and dispatchers to all communicate with each other, which is particularly useful if an existing radio system has reached channel capacity, needs more range or simply as a migration path to the enhanced benefits of E-PoC.

E-PoC‘s extensive range of software and devices deliver unified and seamless business-critical communications without the need for costly and complex infrastructure, or dependence on cellular networks. The services comprise of several components, which together ensure the best performance, resilience, security and features:

  • DN400 Series: 4G LTE PoC Radio
  • E-PoC Smartphone Application – iOS/Android: Professional Push-To-Talk Application
  • E-PoC/P1 PC Dispatcher: Professional Command & Control Centre Solution
  • E-PoC/P1 Android Dispatcher: Professional Desktop Dispatcher Software
  • E-PoC/P1 Recorder: Professional Voice & Data Recording Application

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  • Compatibility: Multiple network support allows Gateway 3.0 to extend the range and capabilities of almost any radio system (including Capacity Plus / Max, Tetra, P25 and others).
  • Enhanced Systems & Capabilities: Existing radio systems benefit from the virtually unlimited range delivered by Entel’s E-PoC fully hosted & P1 Private networks. These systems also benefit from integration with E-PoC & P1 dispatchers, E-PoC Smartphones and E-PoC & P1 PC recorder software.
  • Over-the-Internet (OTI) Programmability: Using Entel’s secure web-based Dealer Programming Portal, all Gateway 3.0 programming and updates are carried out remotely and instantly ‘over the internet’, so there is no need to visit a site – saving time and expense.
  • Scalability: A single Gateway can link one call between the two systems. If multiple simultaneous calls are required, then multiple Gateways can be used (subject to the number of PMR radio system channels). The Gateways can also be used to link more than two radio systems together – making it fully scalable to meet the demands of more complex systems.
  • Quick Deployment: A new Gateway can be fully operational in just three easy steps, so in less than five minutes networks are integrated and ready to use.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is as simple as attaching the Gateway antennas, LAN cable (or connecting to your WiFi network) and switching on – it is not necessary for dealers to visit the site (the universal version gateway requires the addition of a fixed mobile).
  • Low Cost: Entel’s Gateway with built-in Analogue/DMR Tier II radio costs about the same as a desktop PMR radio, but offers so much more.
  • Versatility: Can be used as bridge between different PMR radio networks.
  • Silent Operation: The Gateway 3.0 does not use a fan, so is totally silent.

Entel E-PoC Gateway 3.0 Overview

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