Entel E-PoC Advanced PC Dispatcher

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Entel’s Advanced E-PoC PC Dispatcher software with map tools, combined with the Entel DN495 radio and the Entel Smartphone App, enables you to communicate with, locate, manage and ensure the safety of your mobile workforce.

  • MCX (Mission Critical Services) Ready
  • Advanced Version
  • Map / GPS Tracking
  • Local Recording

Price includes: 12-month Entel E-PoC PC Dispatcher subscription 

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Additional information

Entel E-PoC PC Dispatcher subscription

12-month Entel E-PoC PC Dispatcher subscription




The Entel E-PoC PC Dispatcher has many features, please see below:


  • Group and individual calling
  • Broadcast call
  • Priority call (call interrupt)
  • Talk Group Scan (multi-listen)
  • Dynamic calls
  • Contact book
  • Local voice recording
  • Call queuing
  • Remote microphone live
  • Fast static / dynamic call via click on a zone to users in the zone


  • Send / receive text messages to / from a terminal
  • Send text messages to some / group / all terminals
  • Email & SMS gateway


  • Emergency / Lone-Worker / Man-Down monitoring (requires emergency option on terminals)
  • Configure Lone-Worker protection properties (requires emergency option on terminals)
  • Display emergency caller location on map


  • Communication with PMR / DMR radio users (requires Radio Gateway)
  • Get information from device
  • History
  • Channel manager
  • Take photo from terminals camera


  • Real-time positioning and precise location on the map
  • Detailed street view
  • Center on map
  • GPS history
  • Customisable map window size (multi-screen use)
  • Map zoom in / out
  • Geofencing / zones (create / edit / delete virtual zones on the map)

Zone Management Properties:

  • Zone control (monitoring in / out)
  • Disable channel change
  • Modify zone shape / border
  • Export / import zones: backup / restore zones
  • Dynamic group over zone

Notifications Properties:

  • Passing in monitoring
  • Passing out monitoring
  • Check if empty monitoring
  • Stay time monitoring
  • Connect monitoring
  • Disconnect monitoring

Lone-Worker Protection Properties (requires LWP option):

  • Enable LW for users in zone
  • Periodic check
  • Man down
  • Movement
  • Track battery level
  • Detect impact

GPS track history routes for each user

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