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Boasting 16 hours of battery life, the Hytera BD305LF is a licence-free radio which is amongst Hytera’s best-sellers.  Switch from analogue to digital at the touch of a button, and use simple button presses and commands to activate talk mode as and when you desire.  Hytera’s clarity in audio carries across beautifully to this simple yet feature-ready design, offering an impressive amount of robustness in the outer shell.

This licence-free Hytera radio lets you seamlessly blend into any existing analogue or digital communications set up.  At a weight of 140g, it is slim, easy to carry and always ready to connect. The Hytera BD305LF comes with 6ch as standard, unless further programming is added, this may be a chargeable cost depending on the qty being purchased. Take advantage of VOX technology and an emergency alarm, too, if you need to get in touch with a member of your team in urgent circumstances.

Perfect for retail, security and more besides, the Hytera BD305LF is a reliable system which won’t weigh heavy on your belt or pocket.


The BD305LF weighs just 140g, easily held, clipped or put in your pocket, making it the ideal companion for communicating throughout your shift.


Although limited to licence-free power output, the BD305LF still delivers excellent reception and talk range. Operational in either Analogue or Digital mode, using TDMA technology the radio can work for up to 16 hours in Digital.


The BD305LF is designed and tested to meet Military Standards 810 G, including temperature shock, vibration, high & low temperature and humidity. IP54 dust and waterer-proof design guarantees the reliability in different environments.


With digital voice encoding and correction technology, the human voice is transmitted clearer with less background noise over a greater distance.

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Hytera professional two-way radios, Body Worn Cameras & Systems combine rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development. This means that when you buy handheld two-way radios, you buy products and solutions that are built to perform - and built to last. Discover the different technologies and radios available. They're dedicated to designing and delivering professional wireless communications equipment including Hytera Two-Way Radios, body worn cameras & systems; offering a comprehensive product portfolio from analogue to digital, terminal to system and voice transmission to data applications. With a portfolio compliant to multiple leading protocols including Tetra, DMR, PDT (Chinese Police Digital Trunking) and MPT, Hytera is more than competent to provide customised solutions to mass markets. Their focus on turning leading and mature technologies into solutions which clients can rely on. Maximise your capacity and control by intelligently managing your expanding radio subscriber base with digital DMR or TETRA systems.


  • Dimensions: 108 x 54 x 29mm, 220g (with 1500mAh battery & antenna)
  • Dual mode (analogue & digital)
  • 48 channels, 3 zones
  • 64 contacts in digital mode
  • 12.5/25kHz selectable channel spacing
  • 16 hour battery life (digital mode) on a 5-5-90 duty cycle
  • Digital voice call
  • Scan (analogue channel only or digital channel only)
  • One touch callMIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • IP54 Compliance
  • TDMA Direct Mode
  • Analogue & Digital Mixed Channel Receiving
  • Emergency Alarm (via programming)
  • VOX

Whats in the box?

Standard Package Comprises of:

Hytera BD305LF Radio, UHF Antenna, 2200mAh Li-ION Battery, USB Charger, Nylon Strap, Belt Clip and User Manual

BD305LF Brochure

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