Hytera HM655 Professional DMR Mobile Two-way Radio

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The Hytera HM655 is a new generation of entry-level professional DMR mobile two-way radio designed to provide reliable voice and data communications anytime, anywhere. It comes equipped with a remote speaker microphone with display and limited keypad enabling the user to fully control the radio remotely E.g. Turn it on or off, switch channels or contacts, and adjust the volume.

Hytera HM655 Conventional features

  • Up to 512 channels / 16 zones
  • Supports XPT
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G and IP54
  • Advanced encryption (Optional licence)
  • Analogue and digital mixed mode
  • Roaming (Optional licence)
  • AI Based noise cancellation
  • Built-in BT5.0 module (Hardware option)
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation

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Hytera professional two-way radios, Body Worn Cameras & Systems combine rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development. This means that when you buy handheld two-way radios, you buy products and solutions that are built to perform - and built to last. Discover the different technologies and radios available. They're dedicated to designing and delivering professional wireless communications equipment including Hytera Two-Way Radios, body worn cameras & systems; offering a comprehensive product portfolio from analogue to digital, terminal to system and voice transmission to data applications. With a portfolio compliant to multiple leading protocols including Tetra, DMR, PDT (Chinese Police Digital Trunking) and MPT, Hytera is more than competent to provide customised solutions to mass markets. Their focus on turning leading and mature technologies into solutions which clients can rely on. Maximise your capacity and control by intelligently managing your expanding radio subscriber base with digital DMR or TETRA systems.

Hytera HM655 Functions


Thanks to the high RX sensitivity, the Hytera HM655 can deliver clear and dependable communication even in areas where the signal is weak or unstable.


The Hytera HM655 has a convenient Speaker microphone that has a display and controls which can be mounted in close proximity and allow you to turn on or off the radio, switch channels or contacts, adjust the volume.


With the built in BT 5.0 module*, the Hytera HM655 can work with the BT audio accessories to boost your safety and productivity during in-vehicle communication.*Please be advised that this feature is applicable to the BT HM655 version only


The Hytera HM655 withstands harsh temperatures, shock, vibration and meets the MIL-STD-810G standards. The device also features an IP54 rating against dust and water intrusion. The connection between the palm microphone and the 10-pin aviation connector is very secure preventing it from becoming loose. The palm microphone cord has excellent stretching ability to protect it thus giving the maximum service life.

Hytera HM655 General Specification
Frequency Range 400-470MHz
Channel Capacity
Zone Capacity

Channel Spacing
12.5kHz/ 20kHz/ 25kHz
Operating Voltage
DC: 13.6V土15%
Standby: <0.5A
Transmitting: 5W: <4A 25W: <8A 45W: <12A
Frequency Stability
Antenna Impedance
Dimensions (H x W x D)
164 x 154 x 42 mm

What's in the box?

  • Hytera HM655 Mobile
  • Power Cord (PWC10)
  • Remote Speaker Microphone (SM25A1)
  • Documentation Kit


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