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The Hytera PD665G is a premium radio model in the PD6 line.  This means you are not only benefiting from a robust design and multiple channels for ease of communication, but also a full display for ease of connection and monitoring.  The Hytera PD665G is impressively straightforward, with basic button presses and controls available to help introduce any fleet into the world of digital communication.

The Hytera PD665G is built for intense, hazardous environments.  It is designed and built to withstand dust and water up to IP67 standards, which means it already stands head and shoulders above the competition.  Charge once to claim up to 20 hours of battery life on an upgraded unit.  Switch from analogue to digital in an instant, and introduce PD665G into your existing radio array without fear of losing connection.

Choose a radio which is compatible with GPS and which boasts Bluetooth connectivity.  Stay connected to your team for longer and without the need for troublesome controls or programming.

This G Variant comes with Man-Down and GPS integrated.

These radios require an Ofcom radio licence to operate. If you do not already have one, please follow one of these links purchase one for £100.00. For those using the radios on a single site, please click here and for those who will be using the radios across various sites in the UK, please click here

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Hytera professional two-way radios, Body Worn Cameras & Systems combine rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development. This means that when you buy handheld two-way radios, you buy products and solutions that are built to perform - and built to last. Discover the different technologies and radios available. They're dedicated to designing and delivering professional wireless communications equipment including Hytera Two-Way Radios, body worn cameras & systems; offering a comprehensive product portfolio from analogue to digital, terminal to system and voice transmission to data applications. With a portfolio compliant to multiple leading protocols including Tetra, DMR, PDT (Chinese Police Digital Trunking) and MPT, Hytera is more than competent to provide customised solutions to mass markets. Their focus on turning leading and mature technologies into solutions which clients can rely on. Maximise your capacity and control by intelligently managing your expanding radio subscriber base with digital DMR or TETRA systems.


  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP67 certification
  • Supports GPS & man-down
  • Pseudo Trunk(DMO & RMO)
  • True 2-Slot in DMO
  • Basic/advanced digital encryption and Scrambler feature in analogue mode
  • Supports multiple analogue signalling modes (HDC1200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone)
  • DMRA Data Service
  • One Touch Call/Text
  • Radio enable/disable (only decode), remote monitor (only decode), and Priority Interrupt
  • Dual Mode (Analogue & Digital)
  • Expanded UHF frequency range of 400-527MHz

Whats in the box?

Standard Package Comprises of:

A PD665G Radio, UHF or VHF Antenna, 1500mAh Li-ion battery, Belt Clip, Leather Strap, Charger Options and User Manual.


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PD6 Series Brochure

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