Icom IP1000C – WLAN Transceiver System Controller

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ICOM IP1000C IP System Controller

The Icom IP1000C is the brains of the advanced wireless radio system and keeps track of the radios in your network.

The Icom IP1000C can also communicate with third-party manufacturers’ wireless access points allowing great flexibility. It is capable of controlling up to 100 (depending on version) terminals including the IP100FS IP based PC dispatcher.

Main Features

  • Manages up to 100 IP100H/IP110H/IP100FS devices in a single network
  • Up to 11 IP1000C can be interconnected to increase total number of IP100H radios on a network
  • Can be used in all standard wireless networks
  • Easy to install
  • Manages individual, group, or all-area calls
  • DHCP capable
  • Supports simplex or full duplex
  • Supports wired equivalent privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) encryption algorithms

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Originally established in 1974 as Thanet Electronics, ICOM UK Ltd started as a retailer and trade distributor to the Amateur radio market. The company has now become one of the country's leading distributors of radio communications products and has built a reputation for providing the marine, aviation, Amateur and two way radio business markets with high quality ICOM two-way radios and an excellent service. Based in Herne Bay, ICOM UK Ltd, now employs 30 staff and has an established dealer network, with more than 1,000 accounts both in the UK and overseas. Mobile communications are vitally important to many businesses, and radio communications can deliver a highly cost-effective business communications solution. ICOM helps make business lives easier by providing a comprehensive range of analogue, digital and system equipment to satisfy our varied customers’ needs. ICOM provide two-way radio products and services across a wide spectrum of businesses including the emergency services, security, construction, retail and manufacturing & marine. Maintaining a balance between advanced technology and human interaction is one of the most important aspects of marine communications equipment. Years of dedication have produced a range of ICOM marine products that are unsurpassed for quality, excellence and reliability. Technical superiority and quality workmanship are renowned hallmarks.

ICOM IP Advanced Radio System

Icom’s innovative IP advanced radio system provides the ability to contact any member of your staff at any time utilising an existing or new IP/WLAN network. The WLAN based system offers a scalable licence-free communication system using standard wireless networking products infrastructure, infrastructures that in many cases, may already be in place.

The system is particularly suitable for:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Shopping centres and department stores
  • Restaurants / catering
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Tunnels and underground buildings
  • Historic Buildings and museums
  • Private communications onboard vessels

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