Motorola Solutions CLPe Series License Free Two-Way Radio

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With rising pressure of online shopping and visitor reviews, customer experience is a top priority. Your team needs to connect instantly, respond quickly to address customer requests and provide premium service. From back-of-house to front-of-store, the Motorola Solutions CLPe Series is your stylish and essential team communication tool built to last all day, everyday.

Small, lightweight the Motorola Solutions CLPe is easy to use with simple one-button push-to-talk (PTT) operation for communication in an instant. Quickly check essential radio information at a glance with the smart status glow ring, and reduce missed messages with louder and clearer audio for precise communication between users. All this performance is protected by a rugged radio housing and long-lasting battery.

The Motorola Solutions CLPe Series is ready to provide all-day performance and is customisable to your work environment with licensed and unlicensed radio models and a range of radio accessories including different chargers, carry options and earpieces.

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We supply all 446 radios programmed on the manufacturers standard default settings, please contact us if you want any specific programming.

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Motorola Solutions

On any given day, every moment matters to someone, somewhere. And every moment, Motorola Solutions' innovations, products, and services play essential roles in people's lives. Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of different two-way radios and solutions including licensed two-way radios, licence free two-way radios, body worn cameras, Accessories sand software solutions such as WAVE PTX. Keep utility workers connected and visible to each other with real-time voice and data communication across the smart grid. And provide the situational awareness first responders need when a moment brings catastrophe. They achieve this by connecting operators to seamless communication networks, applications and services, by providing client with real-time information, and by arming users with intuitive, nearly indestructible motorola two-way radios and devices.


Operates on all 16 PMR446 frequencies 
Can utilise all 16 of the PMR446 channels, enabling each team to have their own space to communicate.

Push-to-talk button
Oversized, textured, and centrally located provides easy access for eyes up operation.

Smart status glow ring
8 colours to indicate active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan, volume level, mute, and battery status.

Voice assisted operation
Announces channel, monitor, scan, and call tones in 10 different languages.

Loud and clear audio
Clear and crisp audio performance in any environment. Adjust between 15 number of volume levels.

Durable Polycarbonate Housing
IP54 and Military Standard 810H rated to protect the radio from shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes.

Durable in-line PTT Earpiece
High-quality audio in a sleek form factor with a reinforced coil and with a twist and lock connector.

Long Lasting Battery
Operates for up to 20 hours to help your teams power through extended shifts.

Privacy Codes
Choose between 219 privacy codes to add a level of privacy to your communications.

Channel Voice Announcements
Custom and pre-defined voice announcements to identify each channel to your team.

Escalate Call
Initiate an important call or alert users on another channel to immediately communicate a message in high-risk situations, keeping your teams and assets safer when an incident occurs.

Whats in the box?

Standard Package Comprises of:

Motorola CLPe Radio, Li-Ion Battery 1800mAh, Holster Belt Clip, Wired Earpiece, Single-Unit Charger, Power Supply Unit, Audio Socket Cap & In-box Documentation.

CLPe Brochure

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Please note that unless the item is in stock, delivery will usually be 5-7 working days. If your requirement is more urgent, please contact us and we will attempt to get you the item by the required date.

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