Motorola Solutions TALKABOUT T72 Walkie-Talkie Twin Pack

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Compact and lightweight, the Motorola Solutions TALKABOUT T72 gives you the freedom to stay connected no matter where the adventure takes you. The Motorola Solutions T72 comes with PMR446, license free frequencies meaning you’re ready to go straight from the box without having to pay for any licensing fees. This walkie talkie has a maximum range of up to 8km, which is dependant on terrain and weather conditions.

Keeping you connected

The TLKR T72 comes with two rechargeable Li-ION batteries capable of up to 24 hours of usage under the standard 5/5/90 cycle. This means that you’ll be connected at all times on your extreme adventures. The Motorola Solutions TLKR T72 can be charged via the USB cable and also via the charger dock meaning you can re-charge both on the go and at home.

Durable & Rugged

The Motorola Solutions TLKR T72 has an IP54 rating. The radio is resistant to occasional splash of water only when the battery and connector covers are sealed. Do not expose the radio to water for extended period of time. Do not submerge the radio in water.

Easy to use

The Motorola Solutions T72 comes with a clear and easy to read LCD display that shows the channel you’re communicating on and battery status. The LCD display also comes with a backlit display meaning you can easily read the screen in extreme and dark conditions.

Loud and clear

VOX or iVOX technology switches to hands-free mode and automatically detects the users voice when a headset is connected via the available jack. Audible alerts indicate the battery status of your device or the call connection, so you are always informed of the usage and connection status of your T72.

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We supply all 446 radios programmed on the manufacturers standard default settings, please contact us if you want any specific programming.


Motorola Solutions

On any given day, every moment matters to someone, somewhere. And every moment, Motorola Solutions' innovations, products, and services play essential roles in people's lives. Motorola Solutions offers a wide range of different two-way radios and solutions including licensed two-way radios, licence free two-way radios, body worn cameras, Accessories sand software solutions such as WAVE PTX. Keep utility workers connected and visible to each other with real-time voice and data communication across the smart grid. And provide the situational awareness first responders need when a moment brings catastrophe. They achieve this by connecting operators to seamless communication networks, applications and services, by providing client with real-time information, and by arming users with intuitive, nearly indestructible motorola two-way radios and devices.

Motorola Solutions T72 Key Features

  • PMR4476- License free radios
  • All sixteen PMR446 channels
  • Weatherproof (IP54)
  • Easy pairing functionality
  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Charge via USK port or desktop charger
  • Hands-free operation (VOX/iVOX)
  • Scan/ Monitor
  • Up to 8km range

Motorola T72 Radio - Left Angle

Motorola Solutions T72 General Specification
Manufacturer Part Number D3P01611YDLMAW
EAN 5031753009847
Colour Yellow
Model Talkabout T72
Pack Type Twin
Weight 100g
Range Up to 8km*
Size WxDxH 47 x 21 x 136 mm
Channels 16 + 121 privacy codes (2)
IP Rating IP54
Roger Tone Yes
VOX/iVOX Hands Free Yes

What's in the box?

  • 2 x Motorola TLKR T72
  • 2 x Charging docks
  • 2 x Lithium-ion batteries
  • 2 x Belt clips
  • 1 x EU Charger with 2 micro-USB ports
  • 1 x EU to UK Wall Plug Adaptor
  • 2 x Hooks
  • 2 x Belts
  • 1 x User manual

Motorola T72 Radio - Box Contents

Motorola Solutions T72 Video


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