POA65-Ex – ATEX Back-Headset Microphone Earpiece

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POA65-Ex – Hytera ATEX Back-headset Microphone Earpiece for use with Hytera PD715EX & PD795EX two-way radios.

The Hytera POA65-Ex is a light, ATEX-certified behind-the-neck headset with a lip microphone and a speaker. With this durable lightweight, radio communication remains intelligible, even in loud environments. The Hytera POA65-Ex can be used with or without the neck attachment, which means it can be worn under helmets.







Hytera professional two-way radios, Body Worn Cameras & Systems combine rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development. This means that when you buy handheld two-way radios, you buy products and solutions that are built to perform - and built to last. Discover the different technologies and radios available. They're dedicated to designing and delivering professional wireless communications equipment including Hytera Two-Way Radios, body worn cameras & systems; offering a comprehensive product portfolio from analogue to digital, terminal to system and voice transmission to data applications. With a portfolio compliant to multiple leading protocols including Tetra, DMR, PDT (Chinese Police Digital Trunking) and MPT, Hytera is more than competent to provide customised solutions to mass markets. Their focus on turning leading and mature technologies into solutions which clients can rely on. Maximise your capacity and control by intelligently managing your expanding radio subscriber base with digital DMR or TETRA systems.

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