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Looking to bring your audio comms together in the HQ, or in a large building.  Enhance the range of your audio with a sleek, lightweight repeater than easily mounts to walls.  The RD625 works with a huge array of different repeaters and audio devices in the Hytera line, making it a great hub for indoor comms.  You can also use it with Hytera software to monitor and manage your internal communications strategy from the comfort of your own desk or terminal.

Switch between digital and analogue with ease to bring together a variety of communications devices in action.  It’s a system which is very easy to install and set up, and what’s more, users will be able to access and configure the RD625 easily when connected via PC for use through software and suites.

Offering wide frequency ranges on VHF and UHF, the RD625 could be set to change the game as far as in-house audio repeating is concerned.



Hytera is dedicated to designing and delivering professional wireless communications equipment; offering a comprehensive product portfolio from analogue to digital, terminal to system and voice transmission to data applications. With a portfolio compliant to multiple leading protocols including Tetra, DMR, PDT (Chinese Police Digital Trunking) and MPT, Hytera is more than competent to provide customised solutions to mass markets. Hytera focus on turning leading and mature technologies into solutions which clients can rely on.

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  • Small and light design
  • 100% continuous duty cycle from 1W to 25W
  • Supports two simultaneous voice paths in digital mode
  • Auto detection between analogue mode and digital modes
  • Supports optional built-in mini duplexer
  • IP site connect (digital mode only)
  • Supports floating charge battery and embedded AC power supply
  • Supports operation in analogue and digital mode
  • Supports Repeater Diagnostic And Control (RDAC)

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Standard Package Comprises of:

A RD625 Digital repeater, Power Cord and Adaptor and User Manual

RD625 Brochure

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