25025700 – Ruggear RG725 13 Pin PTT Headset

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The Ruggear 25025700 13 Pin PTT Headset for use with the RG725 android smartphone.

  • This earpiece offers push-to-talk, discreet communications.







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Established 10+ years, RugGear has been a global leader in the design and manufacturing of rugged phones and the partner of choice for leading network operators, enterprises and brands around the world. With roots in China and Germany, they're proud to call themselves a true ‘East meets West’ company. No matter what your personal or professional needs are, RugGear supports both work and play so you can feel confident with a reliable device all day long. Their durable and robust handsets and accessories are developed using the highest-quality materials and designed with the latest technology and innovation, with the rugged credentials to prove. Each device has a fit-for-purpose design while still standing out from the crowd. Our in-house engineering, manufacturing, sales and distribution makes us an industry powerhouse. Every day, they continue to focus on bringing you superior products with our multitude of patents that direct and influence the rugged space.

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