Scope EPOC-S Critical Alert Communicator

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The Scope EPOC-S heralds the beginning of a new era in critical response communication. Gone are the grey days of monochrome messaging. A full frame colour backlight bathes the user in one of 7 beautiful colours, programmable to suit the call type. So calls can be colour-coded for instant recognition of urgency.

Gone are the frustrations of not knowing whether help is on its way. The Scope EPOC-S incorporates a transmitter (up to 25mW RF power) to either automatically or manually send a response to the received message. This can be programmed to respond on different frequencies depending on call severity. The message can be sent to other EPOC-S units or for greater flexibility to Scope fixed Receiver systems for added control and data output functions.

Gone are the worries of dropping it in the sink, in the bath or down the loo. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend such activity (and it’s certainly not self-retrieving), the rugged casing, sealed to IP67, should ensure that it keeps on working.

Still want more? Programmable Man-Down and SOS transmit functions. Up to 128 capcodes, each with 4 sub-addresses. 21 ring types with 5 volume levels. White LED flash alert. In/Out charger status auto-transmit. Remote firmware upgrade path. These are just some of the main features…..

Please note: To operate some of the paging equipment we offer legally within the UK, a suitable Ofcom licence may be required. If are sure you require either a SIMPLE SITE or SIMPLE UK licence to cover this equipment, these can be ordered via our website HERE. If you are not sure, please feel free to get in touch with our team via the webchat or by emailing or calling 01480 407740. Thank you.


Scope Radio Pagers

Scope pagers come packed full of features in a robust shell. Scope paging has a long and successful history. Learn more below: Since its inception in 1982, Scope has grown from being just an importer and distributor of radio equipment, to its present day position as a leading UK designer, manufacturer and exporter of high reliability UHF radio systems covering all aspects of the On-Site Paging, Security and Telemetry industries. Reliability, Integrity and Safety are key facets of all Scope paging products, and every new product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with Common European Radio, EMC and Low Voltage Directives. Products are then sent to Notified Body status laboratories for independent testing and verification to the European R&TTE Directive. Additionally, all new products undergo FCC testing and approval for the USA market. Scope's policy of total quality manufacturing is evident not just in it's products, but also throughout it's custom built factory and team of highly motivated staff who are all committed to total customer satisfaction. Scope has a well established quality system conforming to BS EN ISO 9002, and its factory is audited and approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). With a significant element of budget directed to re-investment in product development, backed by a team with over twenty five years hands-on experience within the industry, it is not difficult to see why Scope is at the forefront of Radio Paging technology. All Scope pagers enjoy an international reputation of high reliability and performance coupled with competitive pricing, which ensures Scope's position as a world class producer of radio paging systems and equipment. They look forward to significant growth over the coming years with our upcoming range of modular, frequency programmable radio products, in addition to our new Impact hand portable attack transmitter and the Pagetek Pro industrial Fire & Security paging system. Scope Communications......making waves in a wire-free world


  • Receive and transmit in one slim, rugged package to IP67
  • Automatic or manual message acknowledgement
  • SOS / Man Down functions with onboard accelerometer
  • Large screen with multi-colour backlighting
  • Hi-intensity, white LED feature
  • Single board design for increased reliability
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Rugged removable back clip
  • Auto display rotation for landscape or portrait use
  • Programmable secondary function on all buttons for covert operation and flexibility
  • 12 selectable User Profiles, great for shift workers
  • Pre-defined transmit, acknowledge and status messages
  • Received Signal Strength (RSSI) display, ideal for range testing & diagnostics
  • Sturdy Back clip with embedded RFID

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Scope EPOC-S Critical Alert Communicator w/ charger


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Scope EPOC-S Brochure

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