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Localisation in buildings and building complexes is becoming increasingly important. The Swissphone SOS beacon allows indoor localisation in closed buildings in real time. Its most important characteristics are a simple installation/assembly, autonomous power supply (battery) and a lifetime of up to twelve years. Another advantage: the beacons are compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as with the SOS app and the TRIO personal emergency call device.


Swissphone Paging System

Swissphone paging produce robust pagers, design secure alerting networks and develop innovative software solutions. Their products and solutions support each and every stage of the alerting chain, from triggering an emergency call to coordination in the control centre right through to the transmission of alerts over the network and to the pagers. In an emergency, it is crucial that first responders can be reached quickly at any location and under the most challenging circumstances. Our terminals reliably alert you even in remote locations. Our wide range of powerful and robust pagers and terminals enable digital or analogue alerting, providing information in text or voice messages. They enable secure two-way communication, allowing responders to acknowledge an alert or give feedback on their status. Also, when working alone or in hazardous environments, first responders and employees need to be able to call for help in the most reliable manner. Our devices also allow you to call for help or will call for help automatically if you have an accident via our SOS-Portal. Browse our full range of Swissphone paging pagers today!


  • Multi-protocol-compatible BLE beacon for indoor & outdoor localisation
  • Allows other areas of application
  • Outstanding battery lifetime
  • Simple installation through wall brackets
  • BLE als alternativer Kommunikationskanal zu Mobilfunk

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