A-KABEL Passive Headset (Headband)

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The SWATCOM A-KABEL Passive Headset is a high-performance noise-cancelling headset designed for use in the most demanding environments, helping to improve communication in high-noise environments. The SWATCOM A-KABEL Passive Headset is compatible with mulitcom 1 & 2.

  • Padded headband with adjustable pressure control and soft ear cushions give high comfort
  • Easy positioning fully flexible and robust boom microphone
  • Headband SNR 27dB
  • 2 Pin Plug
  • No PTT

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Swatcom Headset

SWATCOM provided high quality communication solutions. They offer off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for professional user’s around the world, to enhance their communication and personal safety, in some of the most demanding environments.

SWATCOM A-KABEL Passive Headset Features


  • Up to 10 users in hands-free conference (full-duplex)
  • Up to 9 users in full-duplex and additional users in Press-to-talk (Simplex) or listen only mode.
  • Talk range 400 metres (Line-of-sight)
  • Secure PIN encryption for group security
  • License free, 2.4 GHz, Worldwide
  • Compatible with a wide range of headsets
  • Dimensions 122.7 x 67 x 23.5mm, Weight 180g
  • Option to have up to 90 listen only users.
  • Replaceable Li-Lon 3.7v 2(A) battery
  • 15 hours continuous talk time Li-Ion battery life
  • Convenient USB charging or drop in charger
  • side tone ON/OFF and level selection
  • Detachable battery and antenna
  • OLED Display



SWATCOM A-KABEL Passive Headset (Headband) 2

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