Swatcom Multicom2 PRO Wireless 2.4 GHz Transceiver

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The SWATCOM Multicom2 Pro is an easy-to-use, portable, multi-user, full-duplex wireless speakerphone that enables natural conversation among multiple users. Connected to military-grade headsets, this team communications system is an ideal solution for military/law enforcement marine boarding and search teams.

The SWATCOM Multicom2 Pro can transmit clear and precise communications over distances of up to 700m and has an impressive 15 hour battery life. The Multicom2Pro system can be configured to work in most environments. Due to its adaptability, it can be paired with numerous types of industrial or non-industrial headsets. This allows you to work in a variety of workplaces, including where workers require respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

SWATCOM Multicom transceiver handsets do not require any licencing.

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We supply all 446 radios programmed on the manufacturers standard default settings, please contact us if you want any specific programming.


Swatcom Headset

SWATCOM provided high quality communication solutions. They offer off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for professional user’s around the world, to enhance their communication and personal safety, in some of the most demanding environments.

Swatcom Multicom Features


  • Up to 10 users in hands-free conference (full-duplex)
  • Up to 9 users in full-duplex and additional users in Press-to-talk (Simplex) or listen only mode.
  • Talk range 400 metres (Line-of-sight)
  • Secure PIN encryption for group security
  • License free, 2.4 GHz, Worldwide
  • Compatible with a wide range of headsets
  • Dimensions 122.7 x 67 x 23.5mm, Weight 180g
  • Option to have up to 90 listen only users.
  • Replaceable Li-Lon 3.7v 2(A) battery
  • 15 hours continuous talk time Li-Ion battery life
  • Convenient USB charging or drop in charger
  • side tone ON/OFF and level selection
  • Detachable battery and antenna
  • OLED Display



SWATCOM Multicom2 PRO Wireless 2.4 GHz Transceiver

What's in the box?

SWATCOM Multicom² Kit Comprises:

  • SWATCOM Multicom² Handset (Antenna included)
  • Lightweight headset
  • USB Charging Cable


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