We at DTS are currently working with some of the largest household names when it comes to the retail industry. Working with such successful large retail businesses we have learnt and experienced the demands and requirements of each of the clients we have worked with.

Retailers are under greater pressure than ever. They must do more with less on tight margins while they evolve their technologies. Their staff must be well-informed and well-coordinated in their stores, armed with the right information to satisfy customers.

Whether it is a question about a product or a request for a different size, shoppers expect retail associates to be empowered with accurate answers and attentive service. Above all, stores need better technologies to deliver a seamless experience for shoppers to keep them coming back. Communication is key to customer satisfaction.

When retailers create an engaging experience, they turn interactions into transactions and occasional buyers into loyal brand advocates. When retailers equip their stores with the right communication technology, they create a real-time flow of information between associates and managers. Rather than leaving a customer’s side to search for inventory, staff can get the answers they need quickly and easily on the spot. If a spill occurs in an aisle, instead of broadcasting over an intercom or physically tracking down help, the right staff member can be alerted discreetly to resolve the problem.

By connecting employees throughout their establishment, retailers improve the quality of the experience and customer service while boosting sales.

Today’s consumers have many choices when purchasing goods and services. This competition drives retailers to ensure that customers are satisfied with their buying experience the minute they walk through the door.

Implementing a two-way radio solution within retail is a necessity, the benefits are endless and will always help to ensure the action-packed day will run smoothly. Some of the benefits are:

  • Instant communications across shop floor, stock rooms, changing rooms and internal offices
  • Better guest relations and shopping experience
  • Rugged, cost effective, reliable solutions
  • Extensive range of discreet and stylish radios across a variety of brands
  • Reduced theft and increased overall security of stores
  • Reduced queue time

The range of two-way radios we offer to this industry is vast! We cater for all budgets and requirements and offer an extensive range of accessories. The radios we offer give a rugged and durable solution to cope with the harshest conditions, offering full store coverage.

At DTS we offer site surveys for all industries. Contact our sales team for further information about these and the above!

Check out the tabs below to see what we recommend!

Kenwood PKT-23

The PKT-23 is an easy-to-use, license-free PMR446 radio. It's thin, lightweight and durable profile makes it ideal for the retail and hospitality industries. Its simple but robust design means that this radio is ready for immediate use wherever you go, it also complies with an IP54 rating making it resistant to dust and water.

Fitting in the palm of your hand, the PKT-23 is easy to take anywhere your staff needs to go, making it ideal for the retail sector.

Hytera PD365

The next step up from a licence-free radio would be Hytera’s PD3 series range. Affordable, subtle and durable, the PD3 allows user-friendly group and one-to-one voice commucations from the stock rooms to the customer service desk to the shop floor. The Hytera PD3 series radios can also receive text messages, perfect for discreetly contacting a retail assistant without interrupting their conversation with a valuable customer. 

Motorola SL1600

The embodiment of stylish, discreet communication, the SL1600 is deployed in shopping centres, retail outlets and stores across the UK and Europe. Measuring only 22mm thick, the SL1600 is ultra-portable. A stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame make the SL1600 the perfect work partner. It can be easily carried in pockets or bags without snagging or bulging. 

Motorola CLP446

Designed specifically for retail, hospitality, and restaurant environments, CLP is small and lightweight, with simple one-button, push-to-talk operation. Clear, strong audio makes communicating easy in noisy environments, and the durable design and long battery life will stand up to the everyday wear and tear of your fast-paced business.

SMC Gateway

The SMC Gateway connects pretty much anything to pretty much anything else! Within retail outlets and shops, this could be connecting a call-bell into a retail assistants radio so they know when a customer is waiting. It could be notifying your maintenance staff of a fault with your heating system on their mobile phone, before it becomes an issue. With the SMC Gateway, the possibilities are nearly endless! 

CLP446 for Retail

The European DIY retail market is highly competitive. As in all DIY outlets, customers in this European DIY store regularly approach staff asking for help with finding a particular item or with a query about pricing. The member of staff often needs to be able to contact other employees quickly for the answer.

MOTOTRBO vital to centre management at The Oracle, Reading

With over 80 stores, in excess of 30 eateries and 2300 parking spaces, The Oracle attracts millions of visitors each year. Two-way radios play a vital role in supporting personnel in the day to day running of the centre from helping customer locate lost cars, dealing with general queries, tackling petty crime and most importantly responding to incidents.

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