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Why Your Supermarket Needs a Two-Way Radio System

Supermarkets are some of the most complex and most challenging retail environments the world over.  Millions of people visit their local traders day after day – that’s an incredible footfall which requires an incredible team effort to attend to.  What’s more, the supermarket industry is always changing.  There’s so much competition!

Think about all the scenarios you and your store staff have to face each and every day.  Not only do you all need to be working together and communicating effectively, but you also need to be making sure all bases are covered.  That’s easier said than done.

You’re going to need to think about helping customers, managing your stock, ensuring there is enough staff to cover certain areas and to be on hand to handle emergencies and security needs.  This is all without reducing shrinkage and making sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet!

Keeping Costs Down While Increasing Productivity

The key to retail success, particularly in a supermarket environment, is to drive down costs as much as possible.  However, you’re going to need to try and do this while making sure your team is at their most productive.  Industry research has found that supermarkets in the UK generally only ever oversee a 1% profit margin.  That means there’s very little room for error.

So where’s the solution?  How can you keep your team on-page and ready to react while offering genuine value to all your customers?  The answer lies in effective two-way communication.

For a nominal one-off fee, you can provide your entire supermarket team with effective two-way radios which will keep everyone connected and ready to react.  Perfect for small to large supermarkets, DTS.Solutions (U.K) Ltd specialises in a huge variety of big brands and brilliant technology.  We’ll always be on hand to help you connect to one another discreetly and on a streamlined basis.  This way, you’re reducing operation time and providing speedy, effective service to all who come through your doors.

But don’t just take our word for it.  What are some of the major benefits supermarkets can take away from a two-way radio system?

Two-Way Radio Benefits

If you operate a supermarket team and are interested in walkie-talkies for everyday communication, here are just a few ways two-way radios could help to change your operation for the better.

Enhanced Security

At the discreet touch of a button, you can raise an emergency and get essential security staff on side.  Whether you need to reunite a child with a parent or need help handling a security threat, radios will connect you when you need to.

What’s more, enhanced communication will help to reduce shrinkage.  Spot something suspicious?  Waste no time in connecting to the right people to prevent vandalism, theft and more.

Spectacular Service

A great supermarket is only as good as the service it provides.  Customers want to be served quickly and effectively.  Two-way communications break down time delays and can help you deliver straight, satisfying answers to your customers.

Repeat Custom Enhanced

In fact, two-way radios could help to encourage repeat custom.  If you are speedy enough to find answers for even the most complex of problems, customers will be inspired to shop with you time and again.  You’ll need up-to-date two-way radios so you can check prices, contact management and even share discreet messages.

Safety First

In the event of an emergency, you can raise the alarm for help in seconds.  Thousands of people hurt themselves in supermarket environments every year.  Help to speed up their care and recovery by getting help to them in double-quick time.

Always on the Pulse

Two-way radios will help to ensure your supermarket team is always on the pulse when it comes to stock and prices.  So many customer queries are related to pricing and stock levels!  Communicate with inventory staff and management without having to leave your customer waiting around.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Two-way radios will help to keep managers and staff working together.  They are also great for helping with on-the-job training for new recruits!

Get the Best in Two-Way Technology

For a demanding retail environment, you’ll need a robust radio system which will always be ready to help you in the stickiest of situations.  DTS.Solutions (U.K) Ltd are ready to help provide supermarkets of all sizes with a huge range of top-shelf two-way technology.

License-free radios in the shape of the Motorola CLK446 and CLP446 are swift, simple, and built to resist frequent, constant use.  Motorola business radios are built to help us all keep up with the increasing demands of the public supermarket.  Here are just a few reasons why they may be ideal for your own supermarket needs:

  • Cost-effective to run, these license-free radios pay for themselves.  Pay a one-off fee and stay connected without any hidden costs.
  • Built to last, business radios are perfect for professional use.  Lightweight and compact to store, they can clip to your person and you’ll barely know they’re there.  They are also vibration and shock-proof and are tough enough to withstand dust levels and extreme heat. 
  • Super-easy controls are ideal for instant need.  Oversized controls with push-to-talk technology will help you connect to anyone in-store without the need for training.
  • Charge up to six radio batteries at once to easily switch your radios in and out when you need them.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Need a helping hand in making your supermarket that little bit more efficient, or that touch more productive?  DTS.Solutions (U.K) Ltd has a fantastic array of two-way radio systems perfect for everyday retail use.  

Take a look at our online catalogue here, or contact us further for more information on how we can help you and your specific needs.  No matter the size or shape of your store, we’ll always be on hand to find the perfect bespoke communications solution for your team and enterprise.

Call us today on 01480 407740 to learn more – or do connect with us via our online channels at your convenience!