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Blog: Safety First. Frontline Ready with Body-Worn Cameras    Published: 21/05/2021

Safety First. Frontline Ready with Body-Worn Cameras


Public-facing frontline workers are among the most vulnerable, dealing with everyday risks of verbal or physical abuse. Protecting staff health, safety and welfare is the legal duty of every organisation and is fundamental for operational efficiency. Being able to see everything your people do before, during and after an incident allows you to monitor situations in real-time and respond faster when things get out of control. Within the Motorola Solutions business technology ecosystem, body-worn cameras address this need perfectly.


Body-worn cameras deliver valuable insights from the wearer’s perspective, capturing video in the moment so you can send immediate help if a frontline worker becomes vulnerable.
The footage captured provides a secure and reliable record of events that can help secure prosecutions and counter complaints or false accusations. Even just wearing a body-worn camera often helps de-escalate a heated situation by informing potential offenders that their actions are being captured on video while making workers more accountable and inclined to act in a professional manner at all times.


Whether your frontline staff work in retail, hospitality, healthcare, parking enforcement, prisons or deliveries, investing in body-worn cameras safeguards them and your organisation. Here’s four core benefits that will help you see the whole picture for optimum safety and efficiency:


Wearing a camera is a proven deterrent to abuse. Should a situation escalate, recording the encounter provides an unquestionable source of evidence.


Generates a tamper proof audit trail including time and location data that ensures wearers are totally accountable for their actions.


Integrates seamlessly with existing fixed CCTV infrastructure, improving visibility by providing a first-person, on-the-ground perspective.


Video recordings are fully encrypted and cannot be accessed, viewed or deleted by a wearer without authorisation.


Designed to meet all the latest quality and video management software standards, the Motorola Solutions portfolio of body-worn cameras equips workers with a full security solution that keeps them safe on the job. Devices are easy to wear, simple to use and enable effortless recording and streaming of high quality HD video with data encrypted on the device to ensure footage remains secure at all times. You can integrate them with any ONVIF-compliant Video Management System (VMS) to ensure full compatibility with your existing CCTV setup.

One of the main benefits of Motorola Solutions body-worn cameras is versatility. Ideal for all kinds of commercial applications, they work equally effectively for one person or thousands and are ready to scale with your business needs and growth. If you have a large workforce, RFID technology allows fast and efficient allocation of cameras to individuals via a simple swipe of an RFID tag or ID card. Recordings are logged to that individual in the event of an encounter.

There are three models in the Motorola Solutions range. Choose the features you need to meet your own personal safety challenges.

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