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Two-way radios for Aviation & Airports

Airports rely heavily on having effective two-way radio communication to keep things running smoothly

Both large international and small domestic airports rely heavily on having effective communication to keep things running smoothly. Two-way radios have had a long-standing place in airports due to their ease of use, reliability and their ability to provide instant communication.

With the two-way radio industry evolving at a rapid rate, we can offer extra apps/ features to ensure everyone within the airport is safe and secure. Apps such as lone worker and man down not only help to decrease accident rates but also gives workers peace of mind when working individually or as part of a team.

Airports are often large, busy town-like places, full of people working in different sectors. Two-way radios are used in all areas of airports including airport management, engineering, airlines, retail, catering and security teams.

Clear, reliable and effective two-way radio communication of both voice and data between diverse teams in an airport is not just important, it is mission-critical to operational efficiency, business continuity, safety and security. Due to the large scale of airports, the number of departments you need to communicate with is vast!

It is with this demand that we have built a valuable amount of case studies within the aviation industry. Our experience and ever-growing knowledge reassures our customers when contacting us for their two-way radio solution.

The range of two-way radios for aviation we offer is vast! We cater for all budgets and requirements and offer an extensive range of accessories. The radios we offer give a rugged and durable solution to cope with the harshest conditions, offering full site coverage. We also offer radios that are dustresistant and waterproof which are extremely popular within this sector to extend equipment life.

At DTS we offer site surveys for all industries. Contact our sales team for further information about these and the above!

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Case Study

British Airways

British Airways, part of International Airlines Group, is one of the world’s leading global premium airlines and the largest international carrier in the UK. The carrier has its home base at London Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport, and flies to almost 200 destinations in over 75 countries.

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