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Two-Way Radios for Education

DTS Solutions are specialists at supplying two-way radios for Education establishments, dealing with everyone from small primary schools using low-cost licence-free radios to world-renowned universities working across 8 repeater sites with 1000 feature-rich radios!

Two-way radios play a huge part in keeping nurseries, schools, colleges and universities safer and more secure.  All the above education establishments owe its students, staff and visitors duty of care while they are on campus and offsite on organised trips. Two-way radios are a popular solution for the education industry for not only communicating instantly between staff but because of their rugged and reliable design which will always get them through an action-packed day.


Due to the vast scale of technology within the radio industry, we offer a wide range of solutions from low-high tier, enabling us to successfully meet client’s budgets. We have successfully implemented large two-way radio systems across many of the largest and well-known universities and colleges across the UK and many schools and nurseries. It is with this experience that we are incredibly knowledgeable about which solution will be best for you and your needs.

At DTS, we offer site surveys for all industries. Contact our sales team for further information about these and the above!


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