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Two-Way Radios for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities teams provide some of the most essential work that UK people rely on.  They need to maintain crucial pipelines for water, gas and more besides.  Failure to act efficiently could not only impact on wider health and safety, but also on public demand. DTS can provide two-way radios for energy & utilities establishments to enable all staff members to communicate instantly.

Many oil and gas facilities, however, are spread far and wide.  What’s more, emergency situations such as power outages can render communications null and void.  With clear communication, these teams are at risk of spending too much time not knowing the bigger picture.  All problems in these scenarios need addressing quickly – for the sake of public demand, as well as wider safety.

Radio Communications for Energy Companies

Wide-ranging two-way communications are ideal for energy teams and professionals working in far-flung stations and working zones.  For example, electricity substations, pumping stations and treatment plants all scatter across the British isles, offshore and on the mainland.  As such, traditional cellular communication is often impossible to work with.

Resilient two-way communications offer tailored coverage and communications control.  Modern radio equipment is designed to withstand extreme environments.  Whether working with water, in dusty or dirty environments, or with chemicals, there are a variety of leading communications systems which can withstand more than a splash or a jolt.

Modern radios ideal for energy and utility sites also offer incredible audio quality.  In zones where noise and interference are otherwise likely to interrupt calls, two-way radios can keep calls between workers clear and concise.  This means that there is less room for error, and thus more time to act quickly.

Similarly, users can raise emergency alarms themselves, should they need immediate support.  Extensive battery life and push-to-talk technology will enable them to quickly speak to other fleet members without having to scroll through confusing menus or wait for a connection.

Refineries and stations prove to be some of the most dangerous working environments in the UK.  Therefore, teams will need all the help and guidance they can get to ensure every worker is accounted for.

This is boosted even further by the presence of GPS tracking, working in real-time.  It is also easy for operatives to track one another through Bluetooth, allowing for seamless accountability.

Radio Communication is Key

Energy operatives need clear communication and emergency call functionality as a priority from day to day.  Accountability not only helps to keep workers safe, but also ensures that everyday business continues as expected, to ensure public satisfaction.

DTS Solutions specialises in a wide range of radio devices perfect for energy workers and station use.  Take a look at our variety of reliable, durable communications units and get in touch if our team can be of any specific support.

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