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Two-Way Radios for Facilities Management

Facilities management requires plenty of oversight.  There are many areas you are going to need to manage and control at any given time!  Whether you are reporting to security teams, ensuring that front of house staff is up to date on safety notices, or if you need to send an emergency alert to your entire fleet, keeping everyone on one page is crucial.  Unfortunately, that’s not always easy. That’s why facilities management services can benefit hugely from two-way radio communications.

Through a basic network of radios, a dispatcher or manager can ensure that everyone is communicating clearly and efficiently.  You’ll know where everyone is at any given time.  What’s more, it’s an asset to improving business efficiency, and enhancing the customer experience.

What Are the Benefits of Two-Way Radios in Facilities Management?

Many facilities managers already make keen use of flexible radio networks and fleets.  However, for those who are uninitiated, the benefits are still fairly obvious.

  • All managers and team members need coverage. Want to communicate with one another without dropping signals or facing interference?  A robust radio network will offer crisp audio quality and firm connections across vast distances.
  • Two-way radio systems offer group and private communications. Therefore, if you need to dispatch a message to a whole team, or speak privately to one specific member, the functionality is always easy to launch.
  • GPS tracking is a modern standard. Dispatchers and managers can check where their maintenance, security and cleaning teams are at any given moment.
  • Emergency features are a must, too. With much facilities work requiring risk assessments and strict health and safety guidelines, two-way radios with emergency man down controls are a must.  Managers and dispatchers can track radios and raise alarms for users who haven’t picked up in some time.
  • Two-way radios are reliable. Facilities management teams need systems which will withstand water, dust, drops and knocks.  What’s more, they will need radios which have extensive battery life as standard.

Modern technology allows facilities teams to connect to each other across wider distances at the touch of a button.  They can accept and reject job tickets in an instant.  Dispatchers can use multi-faceted software to ensure everyone is monitored and working to their designated tasks.

A modern two-way radio system also provides incredible safety and security for facilities staff.  These work environments can be very dangerous.  Therefore, teams can closely monitor each other from long distances.  It is all about making sure everyone is accounted for, regardless of where they may be.

Radios for Facilities Management

DTS Solutions is proud to present a fantastic variety of durable, flexible and reliable two-way radios for facilities management and more besides.  Take a look at our complete range of products and do make sure to contact our team online or via phone if you have any specific queries or concerns.

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