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Two-Way Radios for Local Authorities

It is not just retail and security operations which can benefit from two-way radio communications.  In fact, it is becoming more and commonplace for councils and local authorities to use two-way systems to keep in touch.

DTS Solutions offers a wide variety of two-way radios for local authorities to ensure that their staff members can always keep in touch with one another.  But what are some of the major benefits for council operatives?  What can authority reps expect from two-way communications from day to day?

Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

All businesses and public bodies need to focus on being as efficient, as productive and as accurate as possible.  For local authorities, however, these targets are perhaps no more important.  Two-way radios will help to cut down on unnecessary paperwork and time spent getting in touch with various members of your team.

Push-to-talk connectivity makes it seamlessly easy to keep everyone on the same page.  Consider how difficult it can be for council and local authorities to work to the same plans and the same timetables.  Managing a vast team isn’t always straightforward.

With two-way digital and analogue radios, council and authority reps can make sure that they are always able to respond quickly to job requests, and to make sure they feedback to managers and other members of their team.  It’s the perfect way to collaborate on the move.

Two-way radios are ideal if you need to keep track of authority reps across vast distances.  That’s because many modern systems come with GPS and tracking fitted as standard.  Therefore, dispatchers and managers always know who is heading where, and when.

Safety features such as emergency calling and man down checking help to ensure everyone is accounted for, too.  Users can communicate with other team members as well as dispatchers through a variety of channels.  Through radio comms as well as text messaging and other conferencing standards, it’s never been simpler for field agents and dispatchers to work from the same schedules.

Finding the Right Radios

Local authority operatives need to take on a variety of tasks.  They will also need to be on the ground, and also in the field.  Therefore, it’s crucial that you and your team have the functionality and scope to manage your operations from wherever you may be.

Modern two-way radios and systems allow you to geofence areas and to send job tickets to manage operative work from hour to hour.  Here at DTS Solutions, we have a wide variety of options available to help boost the productivity of your authority.  Why not take a look at some of our leading devices?  Chat to our team online or call our operators for tailored help if you need it.




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