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Two-Way Radio Use

Ideal for new members of your security or facilities team, or colleagues who would benefit from a refresher. For example, those who use their radio infrequently, and who may therefore inadvertently misuse the set or airwaves. Good training can be crucial, especially in emergency situations.

Who should take this course?

Any operative who uses a two-way radio within their role.

Why take this course?

To provide radio users with a clear understanding of how to use and interact using a hand-held two-way radio.

Upon completion of these courses you will:

Upon completion of this course you will have an understanding of the key functions of a radio handset. Understand and know how to use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers. How to carry out a radio check and finally use a radio confidently and communicate professionally.

What's my time investment?

The course will last a total of 30 minutes.

Course curriculum

All you need to get to know your radio, etiquette and how to speak including the phonetic alphabet, numbers and more.

  • Aims and objectives
  • A message from your DTS team
  • Get to know your radio
  • Letters, numbers and phrases
  • Quick quiz
  • Radio etiquette
  • Radio conversations
  • Quick test
  • The DTS radio use final test
  • Thank you
  • Website links for this course

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