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OFCOM Licence Management

To operate a Professional Business Radio system (PBR) two-way radio system you need an Ofcom License. When Ofcom issue a license for a PBR system they either issue set frequencies or look at the spectrum availability to ensure that your channels are secure and free from interference.

For PBR radio systems there are three license types:

  • Business Radio Simple Site License – renewed every Five years
  • Business Radio Simple UK License – renewed every Five years
  • Business Radio Technically Assigned License – renewed Annually

Both the Business Radio Simple Site License and the Simple UK License are classed as ‘Light Licenses’. They are issued using set frequencies for use at either a specific site or anywhere within the UK. The limitations with light licenses are that every license issued is allocated the same frequencies, and this can lead to interference and overheard communications.

The most commonly used license for businesses within the UK is the Business Radio Technically assigned license, as these licenses are issued to ensure that your communications are exclusive and interference free. Once issued with a license your Professional Business Radio System is programmed specifically to meet the details contained within the license.

It is imperative for larger organizations to have systems in place to manage their Ofcom licenses. Lapsed or revoked licenses can cause operational issues and unexpected cost implications. DTS.Solutions (U.K) Limited manage the Ofcom Licensing for numerous UK Businesses.

We take all the hassle out of license Management for our clients. We apply for, amend, maintain and renew licenses for our partners. DTS. Solutions (U.K) have a proven system in place that ensure that licenses do not get overlooked.

OFCOM Simple Site Licence

An OFCOM Simple Site licence is required when the applicant uses localised voice and paging systems for sites using a base station and antenna. Return messages cannot be sent to the base station. The coverage area is required to be within the premises or perimeter of a local site, completely under the control of the licensee such as factories, nursing homes and housing associations. Licensees (or in practice their suppliers) choose from a range of frequencies shared with other users of this type of licence. Typical distance covered is up to three kilometres.

Cost: £75 for five years

OFCOM Simple UK Licence

An OFCOM Simple UK licence is required when you need your system to transmit speech messages from handheld to handheld radio communication, anywhere in the UK, without the need for a base station. Users have shared access to a set number of frequencies and signalling tones along with all other customers who hold a Simple UK Light licence.

The cost: is £75 for five years

OFCOM Technically Assigned Licence

An OFCOM Technically Assigned licence is for customers who wish to have a particular frequency assigned to them within a stated coverage area (x km around a National Grid Reference which will be shown on the licence), typical users include transport such as buses and taxis, energy suppliers, shopping precincts and factories. Can use either a base station or handheld to handheld. Coverage can range from one to one hundred kilometres depending on the customer’s requirement.

Cost is based on location and the number of frequencies and ranges from £75 to £1480

OFCOM Area Defined

An Area Defined licence allows you exclusive use of a frequency within a defined area. This area can encompass a 50km2 map square, a country or you can choose to operate the frequency across the United Kingdom.

Cost is based on the area you wish to cover and your choice of frequency and range from £75 for operation within a map square to £9900 for UK wide operation of a 12.5kHz duplex.