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Completely take the hassle out of the design, deployment and ongoing support of your two-way radio solution with a Managed Service Contract from DTS.Solutions (U.K) Ltd. Available in 3-year or 5-year contract terms, DTS work with you to design a tailored solution from the ground up. We then provide all the infrastructure, applications and subscriber equipment to meet the needs of your teams, whilst offering comprehensive maintenance and proactive monitoring of every aspect of the system.

With our Managed Service contracts, DTS provide a solution that is scalable, reliable and feature rich in a package that is incredibly cost-effective. Costs are spread over the length of the contract itself meaning you can manage your budgets easily. Should you ever need to increase or decrease capacity, coverage, radios or ancillaries on your system, costs are added or removed from the remainder of the contract accordingly. Utilising intelligent Watch software, you can analyse everything from system usage to battery health, providing consistent, tangible proof that your radio system is giving you the best value for money.

Why a Managed Service?

Our Managed Service contracts offer you a radio communications network that seamlessly grows and evolves with your organisation. On top of this, Managed Service contracts from DTS offer the following benefits…

  • Manageable Ongoing Costs: Select a 3-year or 5-year contract and you’ll know the quarterly costs for your onsite communications from the outset – with no upfront payment.
  • Excellent Value: DTS are Platinum partners for Motorola Solutions. With our buying power and direct relationship with the world’s largest two-way radio manufacturer, you can be sure we pass on the exceptional discounts we receive to you. Quarterly price adjustments for adding or removing equipment during the contract term are defined from the start so you know exactly where you stand.
  • A Future-proofed Investment: Leverage the latest in digital two-way radio technology. Save yourself from being stuck with outdated equipment. Keep your working capital free for other projects and investments.
  • Feature-Rich: Access an unparalleled host of powerful features via Motorola Solutions’ TRBOnet PLUS, Radio Manager, IMPRES™ Battery Fleet Manager and WAVE software applications – all of which come as standard on any DTS Managed Service contract.
  • Proactive Support*: Prevention is better than cure! DTS’s experienced and accredited Systems Teams monitor your whole solution. We check on every aspect, from repeater temperature to radio signal strength, receiving automated notifications whenever something isn’t operating at its zenith. These alerts allow us to investigate and take action before any faults become noticeable to your radio users. We’re the radio experts – so let us do what we do best! With DTS fully monitoring your network, you can keep your teams free to do their jobs.
  • Reactive Support: In the event of any infrastructure fault, our team will attend site within 4-hours to resolve the issue and get you back up and running.
  • Critical Spares Included: To guarantee first-visit fix, all necessary and recommended critical spares are included with your contract. These can be kept securely at one of our Service Centres or in a safe location on your premises. You can be sure we’ll have you back up and running again quickly, no matter what the issue is.
  • Inclusive Firmware Updates**: We make sure all your equipment is up-to-date and running on the latest firmware. Firmware upgrades to all aspects of your solution are included throughout your contract so you can take advantage of the latest features and functionality.
  • Comprehensive Repairs Cover: A Managed Service contract from DTS includes all repairs and servicing costs for the duration on every item of equipment – even accidental damage!
  • Automated Same-Day Subscriber Replacement*: Our same-day subscriber radio replacement service is achieved through the provision of a pool of spares, provided at the start of your contract. If at any point you or one of your team has a faulty radio, contact us. Our Systems Team will allocate one of the spare radios and program it up with the same talkgroups, contacts and settings as your faulty radio so you can get connected and back on with your work straightaway. We arrange collection of the faulty unit, repair it and send it back to you, programmed as a “spare”, ready to be added to the spares pool for next time.
  • Automated Battery Replacement*: Stay charged for the full duration of your Managed Service contract. DTS monitor the health of your onsite IMPRES™ radio batteries as part of the service. When a battery is reaching the end of it’s service life, we automatically dispatch a replacement to you. We periodically arrange free collection of expired batteries so we can recycle or dispose of them in line with our environmental policies and the Weee directive.
  • Inclusive Programming Service**: Benefit from the power of over-the-air programming, also known as OTAP. DTS cover any changes in programming of your subscriber equipment, infrastructure or applications as part of your contract. Unlimited changes can be made and DTS will take care of everything remotely, meaning you’ll never have to go through the tedious and time-consuming process of collecting in all your radios for programming again!
  • Worry-Free Licence Management: All Ofcom licence costs are covered alongside all-inclusive licence management. DTS take the complexity from the licencing process by taking care of everything for you, from application to renewals and variations.

*Subject to DTS being provided with remote access to the equipment.

** Subject to DTS being provided with remote access to the equipment and suitable Wi-Fi connectivity in at least one location onsite.

What's Included?

A DTS Managed Service contract includes the following equipment:

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    Happy clients

    “As we have so many users, before (our DTS Managed Service) it was taking up a lot of my time and my colleagues time managing the radio system. Now we just leave the whole thing to DTS knowing that they have everything covered.”


    “The quarterly contract costs were known from the start and this has definitely allowed us to manage budgets and free up money to replace some of our other equipment too.”


    “…it’s reassuring to know that if we ever have a faulty radio, we can just call you guys, you tell us which spare radio to switch on and we’re able to issue it to an officer in less than 10 minutes.”


    “We used to dread getting the radios in for mass programming and we never did firmware upgrades. It’s definitely much easier now thanks to OTAP and the new radios having Wi-Fi"


    “There are just so many features we never even knew about that we can’t live without 6 months on…”