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Blog: SmartPTT Release Enterprise 9.10      Published: 11/11/2021

SmartPTT Release Enterprise 9.10 

Enhancements for worker safety and management

The SmartPTT 9.10 release is here! Now you can enhance employees’ and assets’ safety by creating danger zones around mobile units and vehicles, strengthening employees’ manageability, and more.

Sub-Fleets of Clients

Make your fleets easier to manage with SmartPTT 9.10. Create separate communication channels for each sub-fleet, assign one or multiple sub-fleets to a dispatcher, or make every sub-fleet of mobile subscribers managed by different dispatchers.

Whether you have multiple departments in your organisation or you have a carrier system with different customers on your system, the use of sub-fleets ensures only authorized users communicate within that sub-fleet to ensure secure communications. You can also dedicate one or multiple dispatchers to dispatch to a sub-fleet.

Proximity Alerts

SmartPTT 9.10’s Dynamic Geofencing feature helps prevent accidents. With this feature, you can create specific rules that will control the distance between vehicles and employees. The system will alert an employee, a dispatcher, and a vehicle driver about a potential danger.

Set the parameters of distancing between radio subscribers. The accurate fence/border cross control helps coordinate logistics, and manage other operational processes efficiently.

Private Voice Notifications

The new SmartPTT 9.10 release offers automated private voice alerts. A rule can be created that when a radio user violates the rule, SmartPTT will send a pre-recorded voice notification to the radio notifying them of the violation and how to correct it.


  • Strengthen your cybersecurity: in the new release, it is impossible to create an account without a password. This helps prevent unauthorised access to the system.
  • Centralised radio subscriber database: you can now create a centralised database of radio users with unique aliases for each user in the radio server. This is then shared by all dispatchers, so the information is consistent for each position. Additionally, we have added a report to find the last known GPS coordinates of an offline radio.
  • Reliable technical support: the SmartPTT installer now contains a compatible remote help software instance. Check it on the installation step and easily connect our technical support to your system.

Find detailed info about Release 9.10 features and enhancements in the Release Notes.