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Job Ticketing

While it is easy enough to delegate work and tasks on the go to your team, it is now easier than ever to manage your fleet through integrated job ticketing.  Want to make sure your team members know exactly what they need to do at any given time?  You may find it useful to invest in a two-way radio system that lets you ticket and manage their schedules from afar.

But what exactly does job ticketing entail, and how could it help to improve the efficiency of your team’s operation?

What is Job Ticketing?

Job ticketing through two-way radios is a quick, easy way to request users to take on specific jobs while in the field.  From central management, you can send job requests, or tickets, to specific devices.  Device users can then accept or reject these tickets depending on workload.

Tickets are easy to read, manage and assign.  Managers can see who is working on what tasks, and users can also manage their own workloads easily through compatible devices.  Dispatchers will have complete oversight when it comes to specific jobs and when they are due for completion.

Rather than depending on manual lists of tasks, dispatchers and managers know exactly what’s happening from minute to minute.  Users benefit, too, as they can deliver quick, predefined responses to tickets and requests on the go.  They can manage the jobs assigned to them and know instantly which deadlines they need to stick to.

You can use job ticketing through comms to set templates and custom jobs.  You can track tickets and deadlines in real time.  You can also automate tasks and tickets where required.  Therefore, you are instantly taking away much of the admin and red tape that slows down day to day operations.

However, do bear in mind that job ticketing features and functions may vary from device to device, and from system to system.

Finding the Right Job Ticketing Service

That’s why, here at DTS Solutions, we supply a full range of job ticketing devices to our customers and clients.  Working with major suppliers and manufacturers, we want to make sure that you have access to some of the best technology for improving your speed and capability on the job.  Managing and dispatching your agents has never been easier.

For effortless job scheduling and task automation, there is perhaps no better way to start handling tasks and your wider operations.  Take a look at our variety of devices and systems offering job ticketing and management now – and do call us or talk with us online if you have any queries.