TDMA Radios with GPS Tracking

Improve movement efficiency, safety and data accuracy

Safety of employees is the highest priority for most businesses, and knowing exactly where your radio users are can be an invaluable tool in ensuring their safety.

Outdoor Solutions

GPS enabled radios are now available, and by utilising the efficient TDMA technology within digital radios, the data can be passed back to a software application without interfering with the voice channels. All radio user locations are pinpointed on a map such as Google Earth™ or your own preference. Depending on the type of business you operate, this mapping can improve efficiency and safety.

Indoor Solutions

Combining the GPS feature of the digital radios with Bluetooth enables the position of the radio user to be tracked indoors as well as out. With carefully positioned beacons, rooms, zones or areas can be defined and shown on a map. With these two methods in operation, the location of your workers is always known and their safety assured.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Movement of Staff. When required, the nearest member of the team can attend to an incident, job or request rather than relying on guess work.
  • Safety of Staff. When an emergency or lone worker alarm is activated, the precise location of that person is immediately apparent for others to attend.
  • Full Audit Trail. The locations of the staff is not only tracked real-time, but is also recorded for future analysis. This can be useful for many reasons including evidence of a location being patrolled thoroughly.

A Safer Workplace

Human interaction is decreasing in all types of technical installations, and more people are working alone. Though it is very cost-efficient to let a single employee manage an extensive area, it is also a critical single point of failure, and should something happen, problems can escalate very quickly.