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Connect your teams through voice with VoCoVo

VoCoVo headset communication systems are used and trusted by retail, hospitality and leisure users everywhere – from Tesco and B&Q to your local fish & chip shop. Their plug-and-play packages are perfect for teams who need to have crystal-clear conversations on-the-go without complex installation and come with all the hardware you need, making them great for teams who need to stay flexible and connected over wider areas.

The GO and GO+ systems are popular with convenience stores, restaurants, takeaways, garden centres, car dealerships, conference venues, gyms, production sites and even care homes — wherever there is potential to bring teams together and give customers a better experience.

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Why Choose VoCoVo?

Managers Handsets
Enable a manager in his/her office to monitor Headset activity or join the team conference and talk to colleagues by using a Go Handset.

Modular and scalable
It is completely modular and scalable so additional devices and Headsets (maximum 29) can be added at any time.

Coverage across wide areas
Offers instant crystal clear communication over a very wide area. Even greater coverage can be added at any time with Go Repeaters. Up to 3 Repeaters can be added to a your solution.

What benefits will it bring me?
The core benefit is significantly increased efficiency as your team will now be able to communicate instantly across a wide area, as if they were all in the same room. In other environments such as retail, VoCoVo also impacts the customer experience by enabling colleagues to instantly resolve customer queries and assist with purchase decisions. VoCoVo has also been proven to increase sales and profits.

Customers report the following results


Increase in how quickly colleagues are able to help customer enquiries


Decrease in store theft


Think they are better equipped for serving customers


Increase in how safe colleagues feel at work

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