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News: Supply of Hytera DMR series Radios     Published: 28/01/2022

Supply of Hytera DMR series Radios

We have received communication today from Hytera regarding supply of their legacy DMR range (PD, MD and RD series). Here is the communication in full:

“Global instability for the supply of goods and logistics, as well as inflationary economic factors continue to impact the costs of raw materials and labour. As a result, manufacturing costs continue to rise due to escalating production costs in design, packaging and transportation.

“In order to maintain a high standard of product quality, flexible service, and continued innovation, Hytera will continue to provide DMR radios by prioritising the H series Range from now on.

“Hytera Communications remains committed to providing the highest quality products and services to the markets we serve. Without compromise, we will continue to use the best raw materials whilst applying industry leading R&D. This allows us to provide our customers with a consistent, comprehensive portfolio of innovative product solutions.

“We thank you for your continued support and cooperation at this time.

“Hytera Communications Europe Management Team.”


We would like to remind and reassure customers that Hytera we have plenty of stock across the existing DMR range, while we build our stock of the new H Series to support the sale of Hytera radios into the future.

It is also our understanding that, as there are no direct replacements, PD3 and PD4 series radios are unaffected by this announcement. We will ensure that partners are notified at the earliest opportunity if this changes.