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Blog: The Benefits of A Fully Integrated Two-Way Radio System      Published: 27/10/2021

The Benefits of A Fully Integrated Two-Way Radio System

Effective communication in business is essential for driving efficiency and productivity, as well as keeping staff and service users safe. Many businesses rely on mobile phones, landlines, and even SMS texting to keep colleagues in touch on-site and, while these tools work well in some situations, significant shortcomings can affect how promptly staff can communicate with each other.

A two-way radio system provides teams with instant push-to-talk voice communication. Connecting an entire team together across a site is as easy as pressing a button – literally. By leveraging digital mobile radio (DMR) technology, data features such as GPS location can also be used to enhance safety and increase efficiency within almost any working environment.

Beyond this, two-way radios can be linked into other onsite systems, networks, and devices. For example, onsite fire alarm and BMS alerts can be automatically dispatched as text messages to the two-way radios of responders across a site. Desk-based staff can connect into a two-way radio system from wherever they are via their computer, desk phone or smart device.

A fully integrated two-way radio system can address the unique communication and safety challenges your organisation faces, whilst providing a quicker return on investment than any other platform or technology.

Adaptability in a variety of settings

In complex buildings or across multiple sites, mobile phones or landlines can be expensive and underperforming solutions to address the need for effective team communication. You will often be reliant on third party network providers. By contrast, digital two-way radio systems do not rely on cellular or telephony. Two-way radio systems can be designed to be as durable and resilient as you need them to be, covering potential occurrences such as mains power failure. Two-way radio solutions not only give your staff instant communication but provides a failsafe solution if a critical incident occurs.

From schools and hospitals to airports and manufacturing plants, two-way radio systems deliver outstanding and reliable performance without the ongoing costs associated with other communication tools.

Unrivalled health and safety tools

Employee welfare is at the heart of a two-way radio ecosystem. In-built safety tools ensure that the wellbeing of staff is constantly monitored and that critical situations are immediately flagged so that prompt attention can be given.

A two-way radio system can be designed to include the following features:

  • Emergency button: a panic alarm to immediately alert others.
  • Lone worker: to proactively monitor the safety of staff who are working by themselves for long periods.
  • Man down: a distress signal will be sent if an employee falls and remains horizontal for pre-set period of time.
  • Location tracking: locate every member of staff so that missing personnel can be quickly identified.
  • Voice & data recording: every call and every piece of data can be recorded, allowing responders and control room operators to trace and review an incident as it’s happening.

Video security and analytics

With the Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined ecosystem, you can integrate Avigilon’s video and analytics into your Motorola Solutions two-way radio voice and data network. Avigilon’s self-learning analytics, a business can improve the effectiveness of its security team by providing high-quality 5K video monitoring that enables proactive real-time responses as situations develop. Advanced video pattern detection recognises the movements of vehicles or people, to raise genuine alerts, while reducing false alarms by ignoring irrelevant motion.

Users can be fully involved in providing feedback to improve the accuracy of alarm events, so that analytics determine the significance of events so that only real alerts are generated – thereby improving the overall efficiency of the security team.

Taking this information beyond the Control Room, alarms and events on the Avigilon platform can automatically be dispatched to two-way radios via the Radio Alert feature. This improves the situational awareness of those “on the ground” investigating an issue without them having to wait to hear from the Control Room operators.

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