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Blog: The Benefits of Handheld Radios          Published: 05/05/2022

The Benefits of Handheld Radios 

In schools and colleges, student welfare is of the utmost importance. While emergencies are, thankfully, rare, it is vital that staff can act quickly to protect young people, and occasionally other staff members, from harm. In some scenarios, such as an intruder accessing the premises, a full lockdown may be warranted; in others – for example, a fire – immediate evacuation is essential. In these situations, staff need to be able to communicate quickly and clearly, with each other or site security.

For robust security in education, handheld radios are an effective way to summon help and alert others in an emergency and can offer your establishment unrivalled benefits.

The benefits of using walkie talkies

Handheld radios – more commonly known as walkie talkies, are technologically more advanced and reliable than their predecessors – and offer three key benefits for educational establishments:

1) Cost-efficiency

Two-way radios are a highly cost-effective solution to the need for instant communication between staff members. With no monthly fees or service contracts, school and college leaders needn’t worry about overburdening their already hard-pressed budgets.

Handheld radios can also be deployed to colleagues on a need’s basis – for example, to staff who are supervising students outdoors or during peak traffic times in the school building – thereby avoiding the requirement for every employee to be issued with a unit.

2) Lightweight and durable

Durability is critical when investing in handheld radios, to ensure value for money and longevity. Unlike mobile phones, which require a protective case and are easily damaged when dropped, handheld radios are often constructed to military specifications, making them the ideal choice in different educational settings, including outdoors in poor weather.

Handheld radios also offer outstanding battery life, with a single charge overnight sufficient to deliver charge for the whole of the next day.

3) Ideal for immediate and easy use

In the event of a security breach, being able to make immediate contact with colleagues or security staff could make the difference between a quick, positive resolution, and tragedy. Every second really does count, so the quicker help can be requested, the faster the response.

With a handheld radio, a staff member can call for assistance at the simple press of a button. There are no numbers to scroll through or dial, as with a mobile phone, and no potential network problems, such as a loss of signal, that could mean help is delayed.

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