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Blog: The Benefits of Two-way Radio Systems in the Healthcare Sector          Published: 22/02/2022

The Benefits of Two-way Radio Systems in the Healthcare Sector

Modern hospitals are dynamic, fast-paced settings, in which effective communication is essential in multi-layered teams with widespread clinical specialisms. Two-way radio solutions facilitate fast and effective communication between staff in healthcare settings, improving collaboration between specialists, and ensuring key decisions about patient care are made quickly and openly.

24/7 communication, wherever staff are

In hospitals, healthcare staff are constantly on-the-move, travelling between different departments in enormous buildings or even between sites. The pager, for years the fastest way of contacting a specialist, has limited value in modern healthcare, as it requires staff members to have ready access to a phone – which simply isn’t always possible.

Two-way radios in healthcare guarantee that key staff can be contacted instantly, to request advice, assistance, or a critical care decision. 24/7 communication that is reliable and clear eliminates delays and improves patient care.

Faster response times in critical situations

Due to the pressures on healthcare staff, it’s not uncommon for a specialist to be in another department when colleagues need them to make a critical decision about patient care. Any delay can be potentially damaging, so a fast response is vital.

Two-way radio communication systems put professionals in-touch when it matters most. With no limit to the number of parties who can join a call, a multi-disciplinary approach can improve patient outcomes and ensure the effective delegation of responsibilities.

Improved security

Unfortunately, verbal and physical assaults on staff continue to be a problem in hospitals, with the NHS facing ‘a tide of abuse’ that poses a real danger to healthcare professionals.

Two-way radios in healthcare can significantly lessen the risk to staff, enabling them to alert colleagues and security personnel quickly when a dangerous situation occurs. Unlike mobile phones, which are prone to a loss of signal, two-way radios offer uninterrupted coverage, while the lone worker feature means staff working in isolation can be monitored by colleagues closely to ensure their wellbeing.

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