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Blog: The Top 3 License-Free Two-Way Radios For Retail Stores     Published: 29/09/2021

The Top 3 License-Free Two-Way Radios For Retail Stores

Retail two-way radios are used exclusively by businesses throughout the UK to improve the overall security of stores, reduce theft, and boost productivity, by enabling instant communication between staff members in different areas of the business. At DTS Solutions, we work with large-scale retail businesses that have complex in-store security and communication needs. We configure personalised two-way radio solutions for these businesses, that draw on the latest retail radio devices and support infrastructure. In this article, we introduce the top three license-free two-way radios for retail stores.

1) Motorola Solutions CLR PMR446 license-free two-way radio

The Motorola Solutions CLR PMR446 is one of the finest two-way retail radios, that is currently available on the market, suitable for large retail environments. Each unit is small, versatile, powerful, easily carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt. The radio also has straightforward rugged construction that protects it from heavy use, water, and impact damage.

The CLR series are the workhorses of production and retail environments, enabling clear and rapid communication between widely dispersed teams on the shop floor, checkouts, the warehouse, office, and the car park. The inbuilt radio speaker provides clear audio quality, and the unit is also compatible with most headphone and earpiece models.

2) Motorola Solutions CLP446 license-free two-way radio

The Motorola CLP series combines durability and accessibility in a small and easy-to-use handset designed for big supermarkets, shopping centres, and large retail environments. Like the CLR model, the CLP446 comes with our strong recommendation due to its clear audio, robust build, and excellent reception. Even in built-up, busy, and hard to access areas (e.g. underground storage, car parks, maintenance rooms etc). The lightweight and palm-sized device can easily be carried in a shirt, jacket, or trouser pocket, and it features Motorola’s clearest audio via earpiece.

3) Kenwood PKT-23 license-free two-way radio

The Kenwood PKT-23 series is a strong contender for the best retail radio device of 2021 and equals the two Motorola Solutions models in terms of audio clarity, reliability, and communication range. With a simple and compact design, this radio handset is easy and straightforward to operate and has a lightweight and slim design that makes it easy to store in a pocket or belt holster.

The Kenwood PKT series is IP 54 rated, making it waterproof against rain and water splashes, and protected against dust ingress. This makes the handset a good choice for use in outdoor retail areas (e.g. car parks), as well as busy packing or handling areas.

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DTS Solutions has over 30 years of experience providing two-way radio equipment, solutions, and infrastructure to retail stores across the UK. Therefore, improving safety and security, whilst keeping colleagues connected.

We work with a range of leading retail radio brands, including Motorola Solutions, Kenwood, and Hytera, to give customers a broad choice of products and systems to suit all business requirements and budgets. To discuss your needs with one of our retail radio specialists, or to request a quote, please get in touch today.

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