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Blog: The Top 5 Two-Way Radios for the Hospitality Sector     Published: 10/11/2023

The Top 5 Two-Way Radios for the Hospitality Sector

Reliable communication is essential in the hospitality sector to deliver efficient customer service, keep staff connected, and address security concerns. For hotels, restaurants, bars, and other establishments in this fast-paced industry, small and lightweight yet robust two-way radios allow staff to stay connected no matter where they are, from the kitchen to front of house. Here are the top 5 handheld radios that are perfectly suited for noisy and fast paced hospitality environments.


5) Telo TE320 PoC Radio

The rugged Telo TE320 radio connects over LTE mobile networks for seamless wide-area coverage. Supporting LTE brands worldwide plus dual SIM functionality, this model offers reliable connectivity anywhere, and is especially useful for businesses that operate both indoor and outdoor facilities, and multi-site businesses within a small area, such as a chain of bars or restaurants owned by the same operator. The loud 3W speaker delivers clear audio even in noisy restaurant/bar settings, while rugged IP67 construction withstands dust, shocks, and submersion if required.

Plus, 48 hours of impressive battery life allows using the TE320 continuously for multiple shifts without needing to be recharged. For hospitality businesses requiring instantaneous wide-area coverage across locations, the TE320 facilitates seamless and uninterrupted communication more effectively than mobiles, emails, and landlines.

Telox TE320 Smart LTE Handheld - Front

Stay connected in hospitality with two-way radios

In the fast-moving hospitality sector, reliable communications are essential for efficient service. Two-way radios allow constant wireless connections between staff – a must for hotels, restaurants, bars and other entertainment establishments. For hospitality settings, radio models which are small and discreet yet packed with features fit the bill perfectly. Within the models highlighted, hospitality managers can find the ideal radios to equip their hard-working staff.

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