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Blog: Transforming Hospitality Operations with Motorola’s WAVE PTX   Published: 29/09/2023

Transforming Hospitality Operations with Motorola's WAVE PTX

Efficient hospitality operations depend on seamless communication between members of staff, so many hotels have turned to two-way radio solutions to improve collaboration. Now, Motorola’s WAVE PTX, a network-independent multimedia communication subscription service, is redefining how hospitality providers stay connected and efficient which, in this article, we’ll explore.



Instant connectivity at your fingertips

In an industry in which guest satisfaction is heavily influenced by prompt and attentive service, WAVE PTX’s push-to-talk feature is a game-changer. At the simple press of a button, staff can instantly communicate with each other to ensure that crucial information reaches the right people quickly. Whether it’s relaying guest requests or coordinating housekeeping duties, streamlined communication minimises delays and ensures guests and their rooms receive the personal attention they require.

Customised channels for seamless coordination

In a busy hotel, it’s crucial that different departments work together harmoniously to deliver smooth and trouble-free operations. With Motorola WAVE PTX staff can create distinct communication channels that are tailored to various departments, from housekeeping and front desk to the restaurant and maintenance – an approach that ensures that relevant information is efficiently shared to enhance teamwork and reduce miscommunications.

Navigating efficiency with location insights

In large hotels or expansive resorts, it’s important to know the whereabouts of staff members at any given time. WAVE PTX’s location, mapping, and tracking functionality provides managers with a real-time view of their team’s movements so they can allocate resources efficiently and optimise task management to respond swiftly to guests’ requests or urgent situations.

Enhancing service delivery through effective communication

In a sector in which unhappy customer feedback can quickly cause damage to a hotel’s reputation, it’s important to deliver the highest standard of service to guests by responding promptly to their needs. Hotel two-way radios improve internal communication by giving staff the information they need to coordinate guests’ requests, whether it’s room service, housekeeping, or concierge.

Responding to the unexpected

In critical incidents, such as fires, medical incidents, or security breaches, the WAVE PTX platform can be utilised to broadcast emergency alerts to all staff members or specific teams. This ensures that a unified response is promptly initiated to safeguard the wellbeing of guests and staff and enables them to implement well-rehearsed procedures to mitigate the risks and contain the situation.

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