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News: TRBOnet Enterprise 6.0 / PTT Mobile App 2.7          Published: 20/04/2022

TRBOnet Enterprise | PLUS

  • Full duplex mode is supported for private calls between dispatchers, PTT mobile apps, SIP phone and TETRA users. Supported TETRA systems include DIMETRA Express using an IP connection to the server and MTM5400/5500 control stations connected to TRBOnet via an A200 IP gateway.
  • Private calls to TETRA users can be made via MTM control stations. TRBOnet also supports radio and group IDs, group calls, GPS positioning and text messages for TETRA systems using MTM5400/5500 control stations. Connection Manager allows the dispatcher to launch two or more consoles and connect to different servers at the same time. Servers must be version 5.7 or newer. The dispatcher can create multiple connection profiles and select the classic console or TRBOnet One.
  • New audio format type. In addition to WAV and TNA formats, TRBOnet 6.0 supports OGG audio files for voice recording and playback. This is one of the most popular file formats available. In comparison to WAV,
    OGG is superior in file size.
  • Alarm Escalation is a new addition to the Alarm Management module that enables more flexible alarm handling configuration. Starting from TRBOnet 6.0, alarms can be acknowledged and escalated. If an incident is not acknowledged within a pre-determined amount of time, it will be escalated to the correct users. You can customize who you want to receive the alert, the amount of time to wait before escalating to the next users, and which users the alert should be escalated to. Depending on the settings, alarms can be acknowledged using email and text messages and DTMF signals.

trbonet enterprise

TRBOnet One

An advanced dispatch console for TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS.

Trbonet one

  • Numerous user interface improvements, including redesigned widgets, a new ‘flattened’ design of visual elements.
  • Splitter windows allow you to customize the user interface by splitting the screen in two or more panes and adding widgets to these panes. This feature is particularly useful if you intend to use the same layout on computers having different resolutions or aspect ratios. You can easily export the custom layout and apply it on other dispatcher computers.
  • Dark theme and a dark theme toggle button added.
  • Configurable sound notifications for PTT, talk permit tones, incoming text messages etc.

PTT Mobile App

TRBOnet Mobile App 2.7 includes new features and multiple improvements:

  • You can define which modules and features are available to a user or a group of users by configuring mobile client profiles. It is now possible to activate safety features remotely. Safety features include Man Down, No Movement and Shake Detection.
  • The mobile app supports multiple connection profiles, which helps you to easily connect to different servers. You can share profiles with other users via QR codes. The profile can include redundant servers as well.
  • Revamped user interface features a taskbar allowing access to all options from any screen. Tap a contact name to open a context menu to start a normal PTT or full duplex call or send a text message.
  • The app supports both landscape and portrait modes. Open the login screen and select the mode by rotating your device.
  • Voice recordings can be stored and played on your device. Recordings can be accessed via Call History. The storage limit can be adjusted in the app settings.
  • If your PoC device is not included in the list of supported devices, you may still be able to use its hardware buttons for PTT and emergency calls. Using the configuration menu, you can assign actions to hardware buttons. These buttons can be used if the mobile app runs in the foreground.
  • Support for new devices: Bluetooth remote speaker microphones: AINA PTT Responder, Inrico B01. Smartphones and rugged devices: Smart-Ex 02, Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, Motorola Solutions Evolve, Estalky E550, Telo 300K.

Other Improvements

  • Option board software can send RSSI data to TRBOnet to create a coverage map
  • WAVE interoperability
  • Support for Jotron TR-7750 transceivers