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News: TRBOnet Enterprise 6.1 / PTT Mobile App 2.9            Published: 23/08/2022

TRBOnet Enterprise 6.1 / PTT Mobile App 2.9 Now Available

TRBOnet Enterprise | PLUS


Teltonika is a manufacturer of a wide range of devices including vehicle and wearable trackers and panic buttons. The trackers have a slot for a SIM card to make real-time tracking possible. In addition to sharing their live locations, Teltonika devices can send various alerts and useful information to the server via mobile networks.

TRBOnet 6.1 provides integration with Teltonika devices. They can be added to the software and are displayed like normal radio units on the map. This allows the dispatcher to track and monitor devices even when they are outside the RF coverage, as long as they have mobile reception. The following features are supported:

  • Location tracking. Teltonika units can share their GPS location and detect iBeacons, which allows both outdoor and indoor tracking. You can create geofences and set up alerts based on a specific location and rules, such as speed limits. TRBOnet keeps all location history and provides detailed travel reports that you can view at the click of a button.
  • Safety features. Certain Teltonika devices, such as panic buttons and personal trackers, are equipped with emergency buttons. If a user in distress presses the button, the dispatch console will receive an emergency alert and display the location of the unit. Some trackers can also detect the Man Down event and automatically send an alert to the dispatch console.
  • Remaining battery life. TRBOnet can check the battery status of registered Teltonika trackers. The battery level can also be monitored via Alarm Management.
  • Tested devices: TM250, GH5200, FMU125, FMC640


Right click on an iBeacon placed on the map and select Show Nearby Devices to view radios that have been last seen at this location. The radio will show on the iBeacon until it detects a new iBeacon. The context menu provides information about the online status of radios and the time they were last seen near the selected iBeacon. The feature may be useful for tracking users indoors when there is a limited number of iBeacons that don’t cover the whole area. This may help the dispatcher to determine whether the user is still inside that area even if their radio doesn’t have a fixed location.


TRBOnet 6.1 provides low disk space warnings to help alert users if the free space on the hard drive of the server computer goes down to the selected threshold.


Location based rules trigger actions based on the location of your radio or mobile device. The rule conditions will be checked if the user is in a specific area or near a specific iBeacon.

PTT Mobile App

TRBOnet Mobile App 2.9 includes new features and multiple improvements:


This option prevents mobile app users from instigating any calls. They must use the Request-to-Talk (RTT) feature to request a call back from the dispatcher. That can help you avoid unwanted calls and ensure that the system has sufficient capacity for high priority calls. RTT can be assigned to a hardware button of a mobile device so that a request can be sent with a single button press.


NFC tags can be placed on a map like regular iBeacons. When a mobile device detects a tag registered with TRBOnet, it will show on this tag. This technique can be used in combination with the Guard Tour module, which helps you ensure that the mobile app user has attended all checkpoints at the correct intervals. NOTE: NFC tag IDs must have a format recognized by the mobile app. Refer to the guide for further information.


Acknowledge alarms with DTMF.


Predefined text responses to incoming alerts, RTTs and full-duplex calls [Android]. Quick replies to incoming text messages.


The mobile app 2.9 is compatible with the following Android-based devices:

Talkpod: N50A, N56A, N57A, N58A, N59A

Boxchip: S900, S900A, S900B, S900_Plus, S900A_Plus, S900B_Plus, H600, H600A, H600B, S900Plus.

NOTE: Some features require TRBOnet 6.1.