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Whether you run a small café or a larger restaurant part of a national chain, two-way communication can really help to boost your everyday efficiency.  A two-way radio on your person at all times means you’ll always have a link to your team.  The restaurant industry thrives on both speed of service and great results!  What better way to make sure your team is all on the same page than with a speedy, crisp and clear audio channel?

How Can Two-Way Radios Help My Restaurant Business?

Clear communication in hospitality is crucial.  How many time have you had to face a challenge, only to find that you need help from a certain member of the team?  What if that team member isn’t nearby?  What if you’re helping a customer with specific questions or requirements?  You’re going to need a quick, discreet device to get you connected to the people in the know.

Walk-in talkies and two-way radios are ideal for use in busy environments.  With one-touch controls and a range of wide frequencies and channels, getting in touch with your team is easy.  Your customers come first.  That means, no matter their queries or concerns, you should always be ready to help them!  If you don’t know how to answer a question or how to make their stay more enjoyable, simply pick up your radio and call for support.

Two-way radios are also fantastic for food and drink hospitality in that they can be used to communicate with staff members who may be in a stockroom area.  This way, you can check to see if certain supplies are in stock.  You can also use your radio to communicate with kitchen staff if there is a concern over the wait time to be served.

What are Some of the Best Radios for Restaurants?

There are hundreds of fantastic, reliable two-way radio systems built to support the hospitality industry.  However, we think the Kenwood PKT-23 is an ideal choice for most environments.

Kenwood is already a trusted brand as far as sturdy, reliable two-way communication is concerned.  The PKT-23 is particularly ideal for restaurant use as it is built to IP54 standards.  This means that it is highly protected against water damage and particles, meaning it can be easily and efficiently used in kitchen environments.  

Its simple design is also to its credit.  It has basic push-to-talk functionality and weighs only around 110g, making it a no-frills device which hospitality staff can carry and use without needing to fiddle around with any complicated technology.

Is Your Restaurant Connected?

Whether you run an independent restaurant or are part of a bigger chain, two-way radios will bring your team together.  Take advantage of simple, reliable technology such as the fantastic Kenwood PKT-23 and you’ll all be singing from the same hymn sheet in no time.

Restaurants rely on speedy service and customer satisfaction.  How better to achieve that than with a radio system that’s ready to connect you to the people you depend on?