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Blog: VoCoVo – Retail Reunited – Customer frustrations and how to address them      Published: 05/05/2021

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VoCoVo - Retail Reunited

Customer frustrations and how to address them

Non-essential stores are open again and customers are rediscovering their love of shopping. While the figures for the first week of trading aren’t in yet, high street sales are predicted to surge by almost 50%. Judging by the bustling streets and long queues seen across the country on 12th April, this seems like a fair estimate.

This came as no surprise. In December 2020 VoCoVo surveyed customers from the UK and the US (See report below) about their post-pandemic shopping plans. The results showed that the appetite for in-store shopping was alive and well:

  • 57% of shoppers are still confident in physical retail
  • 64% don’t expect the pandemic to affect their long-term shopping habits at all
  • 41% prefer to see products before they buy them

Since then, consumer confidence has increased even further. A survey by Deloitte in early April found that 56% of shoppers feel completely safe returning to the high street. This is 16% higher than the previous month, suggesting that the vaccine programme is helping to ease consumer anxiety.

Same customers, new expectations 

Customers are eager to get back to the high street, but their expectations have changed. Many have grown used to the convenience of eCommerce and, as a result, have become acutely aware of the drawbacks of physical retail.

VoCoVo’s survey found that 93% of consumers are frustrated by in-store shopping and 76% have left a store as a result. Addressing these frustrations will be the key to winning back old customers and attracting new ones. VoCoVo wanted to give you a head-start, so they asked customers to name the worst aspects of in-store shopping. These are the top three.

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