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Blog: Why Having Two-Way Radios for Concert Security Staff is Essential    Published: 22/08/2023

Why Having Two-Way Radios for Concert Security Staff is Essential

When it comes to organising a concert, security is a key element that should never be overlooked. The Manchester Arena attack of 2017, which claimed the lives of 22 people, is a stark reminder of how substandard security and communication can make it difficult to mitigate risks and ensure a prompt response if an incident occurs. With thousands of people in attendance, the safety of concertgoers is of the utmost importance. For an event to run smoothly, a high level of coordination and communication between the security team, event organisers, and emergency services is critical, which is why two-way radio solutions for concert security staff are essential.

Why mobile phones are an ineffective solution for concert security staff

Mobile phones are not the solution to communication at events such as concerts. Designed for one-on-one communication, phones are not suited to situations in which event organisers or security managers need to speak to an entire team simultaneously. Moreover, mobile phone networks may be overwhelmed in an emergency situation, as the local network may fail if thousands of people are trying to access it at the same time. This could lead to a breakdown in communication and delays in response time.

Benefits of concert staff with two-way radios

  • Security staff can be contacted instantly, with no delays in making a connection.
  • Personnel can be managed continuously as they have equal access to an open line of communication.
  • Crystal-clear voice quality is guaranteed as, unlike a mobile phone connection, there is no risk of the signal being poor. This reduces the risk of confusion or misunderstandings when interpreting information or instructions.
  • The entire security operation will operate more fluidly, increasing safety for concert-goers.

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