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Blog: Why is the Motorola Solutions VB400 Good for Security?         Published: 31/05/2023

Why is the Motorola Solutions VB400 Good for Security? 

The Motorola Solutions VB400 body worn camera is designed for police and security personnel to capture high-quality first-person video, so that their interactions with members of the public are recorded for evidential purposes, to discourage aggressive or violent behaviour, or to promote transparency in their everyday work. With minimal training required, the Motorola Solutions VB400 body camera is the easy-to-use solution that security personnel need protect themselves and the public, with footage securely stored in user-friendly backend software and viewable in real-time or after the event.


So, why is the Motorola VB400 ideal for security staff and why is it worth investing in?


Motorola solutions VB400

High-quality video capture

Capturing events in high definition is crucial to ensure that an accurate record of an incident is obtained, particularly when required as evidence to support prosecution or to investigate complaints from members of the public. The Motorola Solutions VB400 features full 1080p HD technology to maximise visual clarity when recording events and overcome the problems of ambiguous or grainy images.

Smart response enabled

When an emergency situation occurs, security managers need live information to enable them to make informed decisions about how to respond and ensure that help is deployed where it is most needed. The Motorola VB400 features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so that live visuals and audio can be streamed to the control room, enhancing operations managers’ situational awareness.

A durable and intuitive design

With a toughened exterior that resists rain, snow, dust, and debris, the VB400 is designed for use in the harshest of environments, with no impact on the quality of the audio or visual recordings. Complying with demanding military standards for outdoor use, the body worn camera features large, logically positioned buttons for ease of use, even if the user is wearing gloves.

Seamless Bluetooth integration

For an added layer of personal security, the VB400 can be paired with two-way radios via Bluetooth, so that the camera automatically starts to record if the user activates the emergency mode on his radio or the Man Down or Lone Worker features are enabled. This provides vital real-time information about a situation so that help can be provided immediately to protect the user and counter the security threat that is present.

Extended battery life

Security staff need confidence that their body worn cameras will operate consistently, without running out of power and leaving them exposed to danger. With a recording time of up to 12 hours on a single charge, and the ability to rapidly recharge the battery between shifts, the VB400 offers excellent protection for security staff working alone for long periods.

Peer-assisted recording

In rapidly evolving situations, security staff may not be able to activate their cameras by pressing the record button. The VB400’s peer-assisted recording, once enabled, allows recording to be started on multiple devices as soon as one is activated, so multiple views of a situation can be captured and security controllers can coordinate the response.

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