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Blog: Why Regular Radio Maintenance is Essential for Long-lasting Equipment          Published: 30/03/2022

Why Regular Radio Maintenance is Essential for Long-lasting Equipment

When your daily business operations depend on effective communication between staff, equipment failure is costly and frustrating. Regular maintenance of your two-way radios can extend the life of your equipment and prevent unscheduled downtime.

Compelling reasons why you should invest in two-way radio maintenance

A radio service & repair schedule should accommodate your usage pattern and business goals, by:

  • Deciding what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are and the metrics necessary to design the maintenance framework.
  • Identifying the aims and frequency of your radio maintenance.
  • Evaluating the maintenance KPIs to assess if they support your business’s goals as a whole.

There are several advantages to establishing a radio maintenance schedule:



1) More reliable equipment in the long-term

If radio communication is essential for your business, or your service users could potentially be put at risk if your staff are unable to communicate quickly, maintenance is non-negotiable. By investing in a tailored annual maintenance contract with a reputable specialist, such as DTS, you can be assured that your two-way radio systems will deliver consistent, reliable service for many years.

2) Understand your radio equipment better

Regular maintenance will enable you to evaluate how effectively your radio system is operating and whether it is functioning at full capacity. By working with a specialist who offers DMR support, you can explore whether your system is sufficient for your organisation’s needs or whether expansion would be beneficial.

3) Avoid downtime

When radio systems aren’t serviced regularly, unforeseen technical problems can develop, leading to frustrating periods of downtime while awaiting expert assistance. By entering a servicing contract based on preventive maintenance, you can be reassured that your radio system will be serviced to exacting standards, reducing the likelihood of technical problems.

Two-way radio service and repair from DTS Solutions

At DTS Solutions, our customisable maintenance contracts offer peace of mind that your equipment will always be in fully operational order. We deliver a responsive and affordable priority service for our customers, reducing the time you lose because of equipment failure. To find out more, please get in touch.