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Blog: Why VoCoVo Headsets Are Essential for Your Retail Store         Published: 28/06/2023

Why VoCoVo Headsets Are Essential for Your Retail Store 

Wireless headsets have become a more common sight in retail stores in recent years and have been proven to deliver important benefits for staff and customers alike. In all shops, effective communication is the key to success. Staff need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely with each other wherever they are in the building, for example to ensure that customers’ enquiries are quickly answered or that stock is managed effectively. A lack of understanding can lead to confusion and errors, and portrays the brand in a negative light.

In this article, we’ll explore why VoCoVo headsets for retail stores are a worthwhile investment.

Crystal clear communication

When your retail team need to communicate, it’s important that their conversations or messages aren’t interrupted by signal loss, noise, or interference. VoCoVo wireless headsets utilise a single radio spectrum to synchronise the base units, reducing the chance of poor quality sound. Your staff will be able to speak to each other clearly, without interruption or misunderstandings.

Robust security

VoCoVo headsets offer a wealth of essential security features. Because they don’t rely on Wi-Fi for connectivity, they cannot be accessed by unauthorised third-parties, so you can be reassured that your team’s discussions will be held confidentially. The headsets can also be used to activate in-store security alerts if a problem arises, generate PA announcements for customers in urgent situations, or even connect with security teams or the emergency services if needed.

Scalable connectivity

With VoCoVo headsets, up to one thousand individual devices can be connected on a single conference. While this is probably far greater than many shops will need, scaling up your headset capacity will never present a problem if you expand your team and recruit new workers or seasonal staff. With everyone connected on a single conference, you’ll save time sending out individual messages to colleagues and will cut the cost of operating multiple devices.

Extended battery life

VoCoVo wireless headsets are designed to consume minimal energy, even when used constantly, so you are unlikely to face the problem of multiple devices running out of power when your staff most need them. On a single charge, each headset offers over 50 hours of battery life, and a full charge will take only three hours.

Lightweight and comfortable

Finally, the weight of each device is another consideration when choosing headsets for your retail team. A headset that is heavy will be uncomfortable to wear for long periods and staff may be tempted to remove them, meaning important messages are missed. Weighing only 28g – far lighter than many other headsets for retail workers – VoCoVo wireless devices are designed with comfort in mind, and are lightweight and easy to wear, even for extended periods.

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