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A corporate or family event is a very big occasion indeed! Therefore, in order for your team to communicate with one another at such a wide event, you’re going to need a clear strategy and some hard-working hardware in place. It’s impossible to know quite what will happen at any event in terms of emergencies or security requirements. However, you can easily plan ahead by making sure you have a solid, dependable two-way radio system set up. Two-way radios aren’t just fantastic for use in the retail and public service industry. They can help to keep event managers, stewards, security teams, maintenance staff and more well-connected and on the pulse at any event. When you need transportation, security, medical care or otherwise in a hurry, you’re going to need to be able to connect to your team at even the busiest of events.

Keeping In Touch

Whether you’re hosting a fair, a family fun day, a race meeting or otherwise, DTS Solutions can help find you the perfect two-way radio strategy. Our rental services are used by some of the biggest names in UK event hosting. That means we’re always ready to help support smaller affairs and events all the way up to big corporate galas and more with cutting edge technology and communications devices which are easy to use and rely on in an emergency. With years of experience in trade shows, community events, corporate galas and more, we are confident we’ll be able to help you find the best hardware and coverage for your events. You’re going to need to make sure your event runs smoothly, to time, and with a mind to manage mishaps! No matter the size or scale or your event, we’ll offer you a two-way radio strategy to ensure your team stays connected at the touch of a button.

Why Use Two-Way Radios for Events?

There are plenty of great reasons why two-way communications are essential for running events. Here are just a few of them! You’ll be able to contact and communicate with your team discreetly. Whether you are in need of security backup or added privacy, we supply communication and surveillance kits with discretion at your disposal. Our radio brands and models offer simple communication and ease of use from unit to unit. That means a couple of buttons presses is all it will take to get you connected and in touch with your crew. We offer some of the most advanced two-way radio technology around. Need GPS tracking? A wide array of channels? Privacy modes? We’ll find you the radios you need. Connect with up to 250 different users at once via Group Talk, or chat one-on-one in private mode. You can send messages to all staff at once, too – it’s all very easy to get to grips with! What’s more, you’ll get crisp, clear audio with each and every call. Some of our radios even help to filter out background noise! With DTS Solutions, you also get on-site technical support as and when you need it. We’re always happy to attend before and during your event to make sure you always stay connected. We’ll also be more than happy to attend to any complex or extensive communications needs you may have during your event.

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When it comes to flexible, comprehensive event communications, DTS Solutions is the team to call. We’ve been preferred communications partners with household brands and event planners across the UK for over three decades! We pride ourselves on attention to detail. We’ll sit and discuss your needs with you to find the perfect two-way radio systems and coverage for your particular event. Therefore, we can always guarantee we’ll have the best devices on offer for your budget. With extensive Motorola solutions such as their analogue and digital radios, their MOTOTRBO range and more as part of our fleet of radios for hire, we have a huge choice of communications technology waiting for you to take hold! It all starts with a phone call. Why not get in touch with our team today for a free quote?