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Blog: Why Your Security Team Should Be Using Two-Way Radios      Published: 15/11/2021

Why Your Security Team Should Be Using Two-Way Radios

Security guards are exposed to danger and intimidation on a daily basis, and two-way radios can help keep them safe – or help them to do their job keeping your business, staff, and customers safe. These devices connect users to controllers, first-responders, or colleagues, so they can facilitate coordinated responses to various incidents. Here are the key reasons why you should not be without security two-way radios.

Keeps Your Team Constantly Connected

Unlike phone-based communication systems, two-way radios for security guards offer bespoke coverage and capacity for precise locations across a site, so events can run smoothly without needing to worry about third party networks like cellular. In addition, a well-designed radio solution can deliver outstanding resilience, network security, redundancy, and availability – which can be customised to meet the needs of the end users. Security two-way radios offer a broad variety of call types as well, in comparison to the person-to-person calls offered on mobile networks. Examples include person-to-group calls, individual calls, emergency calls, and user network broadcasts.

Mobile Phones Are Unreliable In Emergencies

If your security team communicates using mobile phones, you should stop to consider what they would do in the event of a network outage. At peak times and when dangerous incidents happen, mobile networks might get overwhelmed, or the emergency services might shut them down.

You should also consider the process of initiating communication with the devices you issue to your security teams. With a smartphone, the officer will have to get the phone out, unlock the device, find the correct app and either manually type in a phone number or scroll through their contacts to find the relevant person. This can take up precious time where instant group communications are needed in response to an emergency. On the other hand, two-way radios can avoid all of these delays by having instant communication at the push of a button.

Additionally, a two-way radio is a dedicated device for communication and emergencies. It’s available round-the-clock, with most modern radios offering battery life of up-to 28 hours. So your team members can stay connected effortlessly. Where phones fail to deliver, two-way radios provide an effective solution for security teams.

More affordable over the long-term

Although two-way radios have a higher upfront cost than mobile phones, they often work out to be far more cost-effective in the long term. A smartphone will have a typical usable life of a couple of years, where a quality two-way radio can be expected to work reliably for 8-10 years. Two-way radios have limited ongoing costs in comparison with a mobile phone, and with no contracts for talk time or text messages. The higher upfront costs don’t have to be a barrier either, with flexible hire, lease, and managed service packages available from DTS to fit your budget.

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Dependable technology offers better protection

Two-way radios often offer incredible durability, with most modern portable radios providing protection against water/dust intrusion too.  As a result, radios can function in severe environments and tend to last much longer than mobile phones. Digital two-way radios incorporate technology that actively reduces background noise to guarantee clear voice communication, ideal in crowded spaces and busy car parks.

Includes advanced features for safety

The best two-way radios for security guards offer additional protection, with features like ‘Lone Worker‘ mode and a dedicated emergency button. Should the lone-worker timer expire, or the emergency button be pressed, an alert is sent to the control room or alarm-receiving centres. ‘Wo/Man Down‘ is another popular feature that sends similar alerts, if radios tilt past a particular angle – should users come to harm or fall over. GPS and indoor beacon technology can relay data quickly to identify a person’s location, whilst simultaneously informing other security guards in the area.

Two-way security radios from DTS Solutions

At DTS Solutions, we stock a wide range of security two way radios for retail security teams. We have devices that suit all requirements and budgets, along with a huge selection of accessories. Get in touch with us today to learn more.